NJ-small-business-website-seo-tipsIt’s no secret that the internet in the most efficient and effective platform for advertising and marketing!  Unfortunately, trying to gain sales and/or clients via the internet and search engine optimization (SEO) can be confusing and leave you with more questions than answers such as:  Where do I start?  Should I pay for ads?  What about social media?  How will customers really find my website?

Faced with these difficult questions, many small business owners tend to make serious yet preventable mistakes while they embark on their online marketing venture.  The end result is that the website doesn’t get found by people who are seeking it; thus defeating the purpose of owning a site in the first place!  The following NJ WordPress web designer and SEO tips will help you avoid making the crucial errors that render many professional-looking small business websites useless.

Cumberland County SEO Advice | Create A Blog

Most small business websites are static sites with static content.  This means that the website’s content is fixed and has to be updated manually by somebody who has a vast web development expertise.  Static sites are not very useful for the user, and content can get stagnant. Stagnant content is horrible for your web presence.  Creating a blog turns your website into a dynamic site.  Having a blog gives you (the website owner) ability to easily maintain, update and create fresh content via a user friendly interface called a content management system (CMS).  For example, you can post news, new sales, new products/services, and events all with the click of a mouse from within your web browser.  A dynamic website has numerous advantages.  The greatest of which is the constant creation of fresh content for search engines to index.  Content is king.  The more content a website has, the more relevant it will be in the eyes of search engines as they crawl through.  Another advantage of blogging is that for every blog post you make, you can target different key phrases.  For example:  If you own a construction business in Cumberland County NJ, you can write blog posts that target different towns in Cumberland County.  This will cause people in nearby areas to find your website as they search for the services they need.

Cumberland County Website Tips | Search Engine Optimization

When it comes to gaining new customers/clients via search engines, having great search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important thing you can do!  Have you ever done a Google or Yahoo! search and wondered how some website come up on the first page of results and others are nowhere to be found even though they are similar in design and content?  The reason is this:  the websites at the top of the list have good SEO.  SEO is a series functions that give your website a good “reputation” for the search engines thereby increasing the websites pagerank.  We highly recommend that you invest in professional NJ local SEO services.  Great SEO means lots of traffic which translates into more paying customers.  Avoid thinking that SEO is unnecessary! Remember that even the best looking business websites in the world are useless if they gets no traffic!  SEO is a worthwhile investment, and your wallet will thank you in the long run!

Cumberland County SEO Tips | Social Media

Many small business owners overlook the importance of social media.  Their reasoning usually goes something like this:  “I’m not Justin Bieber, who would want to like my business or follow us on twitter?”  Social media website are important for your business for two reasons.  The first is that social media websites such as Google+, Facebook, and Twitter automatically climb very high in page rank.  This means that while you might still be optimizing your actual website for good search engine results, your Google+, Facebook and Twitter are already on the first page of Google!  (Of course, you must create your social media pages with key words and a link back to your actual website!)  High ranking social media pages provide reputable websites for consumers to find you through.

Social media is also important because it increases the network of people who know your business name.  Even if you don’t have millions of likes or followers, the ones you do have can share your posts, re-tweet your tweets, and will constant be reminded that you exist.  If your business is always fresh on the minds of your existing clients, they will be quick to recommend you to somebody else!  Never overlook the marketing potential that is in social media!


These small business website tips will help you avoid web design mistakes, and create a website that stands a cut above the rest.  A small business website has the potential to bring in lots of customers, as long as you go about it the right way!  For more articles on  ecommerce small business web design and SEO, call 732-463-7835

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