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Driving Traffic To Your Business Website? A New Jersey small business website’s success is determined by the amount of targeted traffic it gets.  Unfortunately, every new web page is just one out of the 3.68 billion (and growing) indexed web pages!  Facing this fact head on is overwhelming- especially  for small business owners who are investing in a website to grow the business and get new customers.  Luckily, however, there is a process called search engine optimization (SEO) that greatly increases your website’s search engine ranking therefore driving targeted traffic to your business site.  To put it bluntly, SEO is the only way to drive traffic to your small business website. Having a well optimized site is absolutely vital if you want new potential customers to find you on search engines such as Yahoo and Google!  Think about it- even if your business website is far superior to all your competitor’s sites when it comes to design and professionalism, the truth is this:  Your business website is utterly useless if new visitors aren’t logging on every day!  Creating a site without optimizing it would defeat the purpose of investing in a small business website in the first place.   It is highly recommended that every small business invest in expert NJ SEO services!  However, there are some steps that you can take on your own as a small business owner that will greatly help with SEO and drive traffic to your site!  The following pointers will give you a clearer idea of what to do in order to greatly increase the number of new visitors to your site!

Driving Traffic To Your Camden County New Jersey Small Business Website Using Social Media

Contrary to popular belief in the business world, Google+, Facebook and Twitter can be used for much more than allowing angst ridden teens to express themselves in their bedrooms after school.  Social media (if utilized correctly) can be an extraordinarily powerful tool to advertise your business and brand to new markets. Social media accounts will not only give your business a stronger presence in the search engines, they are also a great way to interact with existing clients by promoting special sales and offers.  The best thing about social media is that other people will share your posts and tweets, thus advertising and promoting for you totally free of charge!  Don’t fall into the mistake of disregarding social media!

Increase Traffic To Your Camden County Business Using Professional Web Design

More often than not, small business owners rush into a website without considering the importance of the actual design.  Although it’s tempting to use a DIY web page generator or a free web template, having a professional web design is a crucial factor when it comes to promoting your business through the internet. This is for two reasons:  First of all (and most obviously),  they look absolutely horrible!  Your small business website is your business card to the world, and if people log on to find a cheap page that looks like it was created in 1999, then it is very likely that they will immediately search for another website. Professionalism is vital, especially since many top businesses are starting to integrate more and more modern features (such as rotating images and multi media) into their websites.  Secondly (and even more important!), these free and cheap websites are not designed for SEO and will be virtually invisible to your target market!  Depending on what your using, search engines may actually BLOCK your website all together!!  Unless you yourself are a professional web designer, we strongly recommend that you invest in an affordable professional web design service that will create a professional top notch website that will meet all your needs as a small business.  A quick Google search will get you started finding a professional small business web design company.

Attract Many New Daily Visitors To Your NJ Small Business Website – Blogging

Regular blogging is a fantastic way to increase your small business websites SEO.  Content is king, and blogs consistently increase the volume of content on your website.  Having a greater volume of content gets your site a higher search engine rank, and a higher search engine rank means more new visitors!  Not only does blogging increase your site’s rank, but blogs also are a great way to keep previous visitors to your website coming back to check for updates and company news.  Blogging as little as once per week is enough to powerfully impact your website’s SEO and increase its ranking.  You can even share new blog posts via your social media accounts to allow a greater network of people to read them and even share them!  Although it does take a little extra time and effort, the benefits of regular blogging are well worth the extra work!

New Jersey Small Business SEO – Submit To Online Business Directories And Citation Sites

The web is full of online business directories and citation sites that will list your information for free!  To get started, log on to and search for your business.  Then create accounts on ALL of those citation websites.  This process creates something known as an incoming link (these are a vital part of SEO) Each incoming link is a virtual avenue that leads to your website.  Think of it as many different streams and rivers leading into the ocean.  Incoming links improve your website’s search engine ranking, while simultaneously creating multiple online routes that lead to your small business website.  After your business gets listed on the major citation sites (found on yext), a quick Google search will lead you to hundreds of smaller online business directories and citation sites.  As you submit your website to these directories, keep in mind that you must always use the exact same business name and contact information or else it will hurt your SEO! Also never forget to include your site’s URL to create an incoming link!  The more directories and citation sites you submit your website to, the more optimized your business website will become!  It does take a good amount of time, but it is well worth it!


Although these steps will increase your website’s SEO, investing in expert SEO services is highly recommended if you want to take full advantage of what your website can do for your small business!  Don’t make the mistake of wasting time and money on creating a small business website that does absolutely nothing for you!

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