ohio-web-design-tipsAs an Ohio small business turning to internet marketing to get more customers, one of the most important things your OH small business website needs is a quality, professional web design.  The sad reality, however, is that most OH small business websites have a horrible design.  They look unprofessional, they are difficult to navigate and many aren’t designed for search engine optimization (SEO).  The following Ohio small business web design tips will guide you as you create your site so that you avoid making crucial web design errors!

OH  Website Design Tips-Make It Clear Who You Are And What You Do

This one seems obvious, but I’ve been to many small business websites where I can’t tell the kind of business it is or what kinds of products or services they offer.  It is very important that your home page makes it very  clear who you are, and what kinds of products or services you offer.  Avoid flash intros, or any other awkward sequence that may distract or confuse visitors.  It should be simple and to the point so that people can find what they need to find without any hassle.

Ohio Small Business Website Design Tips-Keep Your Domain Name Short And Sweet

The simpler your domain name, the better.  You want people to be able to easily remember your domain name so they can either visit your website or share it with others without having to look it up.  It is also much more professional to have a simple shirt domain name than a long confusing one.  We recommend that you use the name of your business in the domain name that you chose.  It’s ok to use dashes in your domain name, but avoid all other punctuation characters.

OH Small Business Website Design Tips-Simple Navigation

Keep your site’s navigation very simple and predictable.  The navigation bar should be located at the top of the page and everything should function the same way as every other website.  Navigation is not the area to get creative in because it will only confuse and frustrate your visitors and prompt them to leave your website for another one!

Ohio Small Business Website Design Tips-Contact Info

Your contact info should be everywhere! On every page your contact info should be easily found.  This is crucial because if at any point a visitor wants to contact you, they wont have to look all over.  This will ensure that if any visitor has a reason to contact you, they won’t hesitate to give you a call or shoot you an email.

Ohio small business web development isn’t as complex as many business owners think.  It just takes some dedication, hard work and a great NJ Website Design   and your small business website will be in prime condition in no time!


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