How to Get Backlinks to Your Small Business WebsiteToday, I want to talk about how to get backlinks to your        small business website domain.  A lot goes into a building a great  website, but please don’t neglect backlinks. A backlink (also known as an incoming link, or an inbound link) is an incoming link to a website or web page. In plainer terms, a backlink is any link on the internet that links to your small business website.   NJ small business website search engine optimization (SEO) services are very important because they increase the relevance of your website in the eyes of search engines (such as Google, Yahoo! and Bing).  As search engines start to view your website as “more relevant” than other similar-themed websites, your website will start to rank higher in search results and your traffic will begin to skyrocket!  So… How can one go about getting backlinks to their small business website, thereby greatly increasing traffic?!  Below we have created a list of the most efficient ways to get backlinks to your small business website!  Buckle up, and get ready!

How to Get BackLinks To Your NJ Small Business Website | Comment On Blogs And Forums

Commenting on other people’s blogs and forums is an easy and effective method to create quality backlinks.  A great way to begin is to sign up for many different forums that relate to the general topic of your own small business. When you create a profile for each forum, make sure you put the URL to your own site in the author box!  After that, just comment and post on a regular basis.  Each time you leave a comment or a post, you create a backlink.  The more forums your sign up for, the greater volume of backlinks you can create! Therefore, make sure you become a member of as many blogs and forums as possible!

BackLinks To Your NJ Small Business Website | Article Submission

Submitting articles from your blog to various article directories is another great way to on how to get  backlinks to your small business website   There are hundreds of free article directories out there on the web.  A quick Google search will bring you to lists of them.  A good example of an article submission website is Ezine. As you submit to article directories, make sure that you change up the wording of your articles slightly to avoid getting penalized by search engines for duplicate content.  (Duplicate content is when the same content shows up in more than one place on the web) You also want to make sure that you submit your article into a relevant category.

How to Get BackLinks To Your NJ Small Business Website | RSS Feeds 

If your small business website has a blog (which it should!!), then submit your RSS feeds to different feed directories.  This is another great way to get quality backlinks.  There are many free feed directories out there on the internet, and submission is very simple.  To find some RSS feed directories, just search for them in Google!

Backlinks To Your NJ Business Website | Write Press Releases

This is a big one!  Press releases are great for your NJ website’s SEO.  Just write press releases for your small business and submit them to as many press release websites as you can find.  Unlike article or RSS directories, press releases are a great way to instantly get quality backlinks without having to wait for somebody else to review your submission for approval.  Regularly write a few press releases for your small business, and submit them to every place you can!  Remember to ALWAYS include your URL.

These four methods of  how to get get backlinks to your small busienss website  are effective and reliable!  Although they are a bit time consuming, in the long haul, it will be well worth your time!  Remember that local SEO is a process.  It doesn’t happen over night, but over time your hear work will pay off!  Contact our NJ WordPress Web Design company today if you need help  getting your better visibility on the web.


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