Trying to find some free NJ internet marketing ideas?  Every small business owner is always looking for free ways to promote their small business.  The problem is knowing what NJ digital  marketing ideas will bring in the most customers while saving the most money.  The following free NJ small business marketing ideas will give you some tips and pointers as you and your staff brainstorm new ways to get your name out to the community!

NJ Internet Marketing Ideas-Google MY Business

Google My Business is a free online business directory that many NJ internet marketing agencies use to help local SEO for clients. But you can do this yourself without a profession NJ digital marketing agency.  Submitting your small business to Google  will help many people find your business through the internet.  You can post pictures, videos, business hours, contact, ect.  Submitting to Google is great for SEO as well, so make sure you submit your URL!

NJ Internet Marketing Ideas-Using The Google Coupon Tool

Google coupons are another great way to promote your small business because they give people an incentive to check you out.  The Google Coupon tool is free, and you should use it on a regular basis for special sales or promotions.

NJ Internet Marketing Ideas-Write Some Press Releases

This is a great, free NJ Internet  marketing idea: Write some good press releases for your small business, and submit them to as many press release submission websites as you can!  There are many free press release submission sites on the web that you can find on search engines.  The more you submit to, the more easily people will be able to find you through the internet.

NJ Internet Marketing Ideas-Create A LinkedIn Account 

LinkedIn is a great internet marketing  tool for networking with other businesses.  Think of it as a social media network, except strictly for businesses.  LinkedIn will help you expand your contact list as well as increase your search engine optimization (SEO)

Keep these things in mind as you think of new ways to market your small business and reach out to your local community.  For more information on marketing your small business through the internet, check out our NJ internet marketing company. More than a NJ digital marketing agency,   TJB is a team of professional small business web design and NJ search engine optimization (SEO) experts, specializing in NJ internet marketing services  and  digital marketing for your New Jersey business.

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