California Small Business Search Engine OptimizationAre you looking for California Small Business Search Engine Optimization to better your website’s search engine optimization(SEO)?  Search engine optimization is the most important element when it comes to marketing your CA small business. Good SEO means lots of traffic, and traffic means customers.  Many California small business website owners tend to avoid thinking about SEO because they don’t know exactly where to start when increasing their websites SEO.  These following SEO tips will help you increase your California small business websites SEO.  

California Small Business Search Engine Optimization-Professional Web Design

Having a professional  WordPress website design is a very important element of SEO.  Many businesses go with simple template designs or DIY website builders, however, not only do these look extraordinarily unprofessional and cheesy,  they are not good for SEO!  Search engines don’t pick up these types of websites when the crawlers search the web for new content.  You need to have a professional website design that is loaded with quality content, lots of key words, and many features that search engines will find to give your website a high ranking.

California Small Business Search Engine Optimization-Social Media

Social media websites are a great tool for SEO.  With an ever growing number of users, social media websites are becoming one of the main ways people exchange information.  As a business, you can promote your website through these social media websites to increase your traffic.  Using social media will help you reach new groups of people, and is not something to be overlooked when performing SEO.

California Small Business Search Engine Optimization-Submit To Online Business Directories

There are many free online business directories that you can submit your business to.  Submitting your business website to directories will increase your websites relevance and will allow the search engines to give your site a good ranking.  The more directories you submit to, the better it is for your websites rank.

California Small Business Search Engine Optimization-Create A Blog

Blogs are great for SEO because they keep your website full of fresh new content.  New content not only keeps regular visitors coming back to see what’s new, but it also gives people more ways to find your website through search engines.  Every time you make a new blog entry, it creates new key words that search engines can pick up.  The more blog entries you create, the higher ranking your website will get, and the more traffic you will get.

Follow these tips to greatly increase your CA small business website’s SEO

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