small business website mistakesTrying to avoid making small business website design mistakes? Every small business needs a website but unfortunately, websites don’t come with instruction manuals. It’s easy to make small business website design mistakes when building your site.

The following small business website don’ts will help you avoid crucial small business website design mistakes.

Small Business Website Design Mistake 1: Do It Alone

DIY may seem like a cheap easy way to build yourself a small business website, but unless you are a web design expert, you should get it professionally designed. Since your website is going to be most people’s first impression of your small business, you don’t want it to look ammeter or home made. You need your website to look high quality and very professional. Having an unprofessional website will turn potential customers away.

Small Business Website Design Mistake 2: Confusing Navigation

People are visiting your website for a reason. They know what they are looking for, and if your website is confusing and hard to navigate, people will likely go elsewhere. Put navigation buttons where people would expect them to be: in the header, or sidebar. The last thing you want is to lose business for a problem as simple as confusing navigation.

Small Business Website Design Mistake 3: Spending Too Much Money

You want your site to be as professional looking as possible, but you don’t want to blow your entire spending budget on it. It is a long term investment, but you still need money left to put into other aspects of your business. Do your research and find a web designer who is affordable and builds amazing websites.

Small Business Website Design Mistake 4: Using Flash

Since mobile devices and some web browsers do not support flash, it’s best if you dont use it. Theres no point in risking having visitors not be able to view your website. Worse yet, search engines do not read it either, so all your local small business seo efforts will go down the drain if you use it.

Small Business Website Design Mistake 5: Expecting A Top Website Right Away

Building a website and getting it going takes time and work. Don’t expect anything to happen over night. You should expect to spend a few months working on your small business website before it starts to take off. It takes patience and persistance, but it will all pay off over time.

Follow these small business website design don’ts and you can avoid making small business website mistakes that will slow down the progress of your small business website.

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