affordable small business seoLooking for some great affordable SEO tips for small businesses? SEO (search engine optimization) is the most important element that your small business website needs. You could have the most amazing looking website loaded with awesome features, pictures, and audio, but if your website doesn’t get any visitors, then what good is it? SEO is key element to getting traffic to your website, so without it you might as well not have a small business website in the first place. NJ local SEO can seem complicated and intimidating, so we put together some important SEO tips for you that will help you know where to start and what to do.

Affordable Small Business SEO Tip1: Make As Much Content As Possible

Turn everything you can into content. Writing content is free, and the search engines love fresh content, so what better affordable small business local SEO tip is that? The more content you have on your website, the greater chance your website has to get found by search engines. If you have audio, video, or any other form of media that can be written out in text, write it out! It might be tedious, but the work will pay off and bring traffic to your small business website.

Affordable small Business SEO Tip2: Keep Your Small Business Site Running Fast

Keeping your website up to speed is also very important when it comes to SEO. Search engines are starting to use a websites speed as a factor in deciding its rank in the search results. Not only does It make you rank higher in search engines, but it make visitors experience on your website more enjoyable. If you are using WordPress or Joomla blogs for your small business website you are ahead of the game because these CMS blogs have many free caching plugins and extensions available for download.

Affordable Small Business SEO Tip 3: Optimize Your Small Business Website for Local Search

More and more people are using search engines for local searches. Optimizing your small business website for local searches will help you reach people in your area. This is very important especially if your small business doesn’t sell products over the internet. For more info on this see our article on local SEO for small businesses.

Affordable Small Business SEO Tip 4: Utilize Interlinks In Your Small Business Website

Interlinking is very important. It keeps old posts on your website nice and fresh to search engines, and makes pages easier to find. It can feel tedious at times, but go back into those really old posts and link to them in your new posts. This will really help your traffic.

These are only some basic SEO tips that will help get you started. There is much more to SEO, but this will help get you going on the right path. Implement these techniques, and you will watch your small business web site traffic rise.

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