seo-bergen-county-nj-small-businessInterested in how to drive traffic to your small business website? Do you own a small business, and are looking for some great search engine optimization (SEO) tips to drive traffic to you website?  Search engine optimization is the key to getting lots of traffic to your NJ small business website.  You could have the best made website in the world, but without SEO its pretty much worthless to your business due to the obvious fact that nobody will find your website unless they already know it exists.  That would defeat the purpose of internet marketing.  The internet is a very powerful tool for small businesses and with the proper knowledge, you can greatly take advantage of all the resourses available to better your website’s SEO and daily increase traffic!  The following tips will give you a pretty clear idea of what steps you needs to take to greatly increase traffic to your small business website!

Drive Traffic To Your Small Business Website Using Social Media

Social media isn’t just for bored teenagers.  It is a very powerful tool for small businesses.  Social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter can work wonders when it comes to promoting your business name to new audiences.  Having  a social media marketing strategy  willgive your business more online presence due to the fact that they will show up in search engine results.  They also are a very interactive way to keep in touch with customers and advertise special offers or special promotions.  As people share your Facebook posts and retweet your tweets, more and more people will discover your business.  Other people will be promoting your business for you-for free!  Never neglect the importance of social media!

Drive Traffic to Your Small Business Website

  by Increased SEO

Often times, businesses overlook the importance of the actual website design.  Having a professional custom  WordPress web design is very important.  Never opt for a free DIY or template website!  These are a horrible idea for two reasons:  Firstly,  they look awful!  They make your website look like it was created in 1998, and gives your website a very unprofessional vibe right from the beginning.  If you were looking for a reliable small business, you would be much more inclined to trust one that had am up-to-date, professional looking website over a cheap, unattractive looking site.  Websites are often times people’s first impression of your small business, so put your best foot forward!  Secondly, Cheap websites are not designed for search engine optimize.  Infant, major  search engines may block your website all together because they view it as irrelevant content!  Your best option is to hire a professional who will make you an impressive custom website that fits your exact online marketing needs.  There are many affordable web designers that specialize in professional small business web design.

Drive Traffic To Your Small Business Website-Make A Blog

Blogs are a great way to steadily increase your small business website’s SEO.  Blogs consistently add fresh new relevant content to your small business website.  The more content you have, the greater chance you have of showing up in search engine results.  Blogs also keep people interested in coming back to your website to stay up to date with your business.  You can also post Facebook statuses tweet about new blog updates.  You should regularly (at least once a week) post new blog updates.  You can post about special sales or promotions, news, new products, or any similar-minded topic.  It does take a little work, but it is well worth it in the long run.

Drive Traffic to Your Business Website
Thru Online Business Directories

There are many free online local small business directories on the web for incoming links.  You should search for them, and submit your business to as many as possible!  Make sure you include as much info as you can when you submit to online directories, and ALWAYS include your business website URL!

Invest In Professional SEO Services For Your Small Business Website

Unless you are an SEO expert, there’s only so much you will be able to do on your own.  TJB Web Media ia NJ Web Design Company  with a team of SEO experts who specializes in helping all types of small businesses reach their internet marketing goals.  TJB guarantees to get your small business website in the top 5 search results on search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing.  Want some proof?  Check out our Local SEO tips.  TJB WebMedia offers affordable online marketing solutions for all small businesses, and we can dramatically increase the popularity of your small business with our expert NJ SEO services!

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