how to get traffic to your websiteWould you like to know how to get traffic to your NJ website for free? Well good news!  As a Union County NJ small business owner who has a limited marketing budget, knowing how to get more free traffic to your small business website is your lifeblood. Why? Getting more traffic to your website means more potential clients and customers seeking your products, and that translates into more sales. So learning how to get or generate more traffic, (targeted ready to buy customers) is a must for all small businesses with web site.

How to Get More Traffic to Your NJ Small Business Website

Make Sure You Have the Best Small Business Web Design

Please don’t miss this: Just because you have a small business website, doesn’t mean that it will get traffic, let alone free traffic. Therefore, make sure your small business site is search engine optimized with a great small business website design.

Write Great Content for Readers and Search Engines

One of the most important things you have to do to get free traffic to your website is create great content that your readers are searching for. Great content also means that you write informative web pages that are rich in key words and key phrases so that search engines can easily find your website. For example, some of you found this page because you Googled “How to get traffic to your website for free.” The more quality content you have, the more the search engines and readers will love you

Obtain Inbound Links to your Small Business Site

Inbound links  are links outside your site that point to various pages of your site. It’s really very simple: The more quality links you get pointing to your site, the higher ranked your site will be with the search engines. The more highly ranked your site, the more it will generate free traffic. Remember, unless your website pages rank on the first page of Google, Bing or Yahoo, chances are your potential buyers will not find you.

Just how do you get inbound links? The top few ways include submitting your pages to like topic directories, submitting content to articles sites and exchanging links with other related, non-competitive sites.

Hire a Search Engine Marketing Consultant

Especially in this economy, the competition for clients/customers is intense. The small business marketing plans of 10 years ago will simply not cut it today. If you don’t know how to perform good local search engine optimization (SEO) for your small business, or simply don’t have the time, you need to hire a local SEO consultant. A TOP local NJ SEO company can help attract traffic to your site by making sure your website pages are search engine friendly.

Over all, the above are just a few ways on how to get traffic to your small business website for free.


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