local-seoLooking for some local  NJ search engine optimization(SEO) tips for your small business website?  Local SEO is a process that consists of a series of steps that all work together to increase the ranking of your website in search engine results.  NJ websites with good SEO will show up at the top of search results while websites without good SEO get lost in the mix.  The following SEO tips will help guide you through the process of search engine optimization.


Claim Your Business On Online Directories

This is a simple, easy way to help people find you on the internet.  It doen’t take much time or cost money.  All you have to do is log into business directories and submit your site.  Good directories include Google Places or Yahoo Local.

Use Images For Local SEO

When you submit your website to a directory, if possible, upload an image of your business.  This will make the listing seem more professional as well as ensure that people find the business that they are looking for.

Correct The Mistakes That You Find

Sometimes local listings websites will gather information about your business from unreliable sources and post false information.  If you ever come across false information let the source of the information know! The last thing you want is to have the wrong information on the internet.

Ask People To Review Your Business

Ask your customers to write reviews on your business on various online directories.  The more reviews that your business gets, the higher your site will be ranked in the search engines.

Don’t Fret Over Bad Reviews

Any press is good press.  Don’t try to remove bad reviews.  Although you obviously dont want bad reviews, it lets people see that the reviews are not biased.  If you are looking for a business, it’s good to hear a few different opinions.  Since the review is about your business, it will also increase your rank in the search engines.

Write Your Business Phone Number In Text

Writing out your business number in plain text on your website is great for SEO.  When people search for your business, they will be able to easily find your contact number.  Many people put their number in images, but search engines cant see images.  This small SEO tip can work wonders to getting clients.

Keep Your Email Address In Text

This is the same as the phone number.  If you put your email address on your website in plain text, people will be able to easily contact you from searching for your business.

Local SEO for small businesses is very important and also fairly simple to do.  Keep these tips in mind when locally optimizing your small business website, and you will be on the road to great local SEO. Interested in speaking with one our NJ WordPress website designers?

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