small business website domainsChoosing small business domain names is one of the most importnt things you can do for SEO.  Truth be told, most small business owners choose small business domain names that are not beneficial for their local small business SEO .  Choosing the perfect small business domain name is both an art and science, but hopefully the following helpful tips will aid you in finding a great domain name for your small business website:

Keyword Rich Small Business Domain Names

Have a cute domain name picked out for your small business? Forget about it, unless that cool small business domain name contains keywords that you wish to rank for in the search engines. In other words, your URL (aka small business domain name) should contain  keywords that describe your business. For example, the domain of this site is because our main selling point is that we are a  web design and hosting company. Makes sense?

 Geo-Target Your Small Business Domain Name

This is important. In most small businesses, it’s all about local SEO.  You want to own the geographical area of where your small business or church is located.  So when choosing a small domain name, keep your location in mind, and see if you can add it to your domain name if at all possible.  For example, mu church domain name is because we are a church in NJ.  Narrowing your niche in this way is also a good local marketing strategy for your small  business

Make your Small Business Domain Easy to Read

Don’t make your small business domain name so lengthy that people can’t read it. That;s annoying for people looking at it. But if you have a small business domain name you just gotta have, at least put dashes in between the words so people can clearly see them.  This way, search engines will still index your site for the keywords chosen, and people will be able to quickly read  and remember your domain. It’s a win-win situation.

Use only “.com” for your Small Business Domain Names

Yeah, I know .biz and other domain names are out there today, but people still consider (probably you included) the legit sites are those who use .com. With that in mind using the above small business domain tips may make it easier to ensure a top level domain name.

If you have any other tips you would like to share about small business domain names for your small business website, feel free to share it here.

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