best small business websitesWhat do best small business websites look like? Or let’s put that another way: What does the best small business website out there have that your small business website is lacking?

The reason this is an important question is that the top small business websites on the web today attract tons of traffic to their sites. Remember this: More website traffic equals more profit for you.  So when it comes to making a small business website, the main purpose is to get more clients/customers.  Many small businesses don’t know where to start when trying to get business from the internet.  Below are some of the best website tips for getting visitors through to your small business website.

Best Small Business Websites Have Great Content

I cannot emphasize this point enough. The best small business websites (and remember the best small business websites are the most profitable) provide their clients and potential clients with great content. Small business sites that just put up cheesy sale pages with lots of colorful graphics fail miserably compared with the best small business websites out here that “pre-sell” their potential customers by providing interesting and useful articles readers can benefit from.

Pre-selling with great content, is kind of just like what I’m doing here. No doubt some of you found this site because you are a small businessman researching how to make a small business website.  You may even be looking for a top small business web designer.  Well, our NJ WordPress website design firm is all about creating great small business web designs, and we would love to have your business! LOL. But just shoving a sales pitch down your throat is not only unbecoming, but ineffective. Instead, I have chosen to write useful information about best small business websites that you may find helpful, with unobtrusive text links to our sales pages. You see the difference?

Best Small Business Websites Have Video

Did you know that almost half of all web search is video related?  The best small business websites incorporate videos into their small business sites. You Tube videos are extremely viral and a great way for potential clients to get to know your small business website in a friendly interactive way. The cool thing is you don’t have to be  a creative hollywood producer to do this. Just sharing your passion and business from your heart will work wonders with your clients/customers.   Don’t get me wrong, content is the most important thing, but video is a great compliment to content for the reasons stated.  Integrating social media marketing for your small business website is a must for any entrepreneur.

Best Small Business Websites Have Contact Info Everywhere

It is very important that you put your phone number and contact email everywhere that you can on your small business website.  This will ensure that no-matter where a person is on your business site, they can give you a call or email if they have any questions or are interested in doing business with you.   Make sure that you put your contact info on the header, footer, and sidebar of every page, and even put it in articles or posts that talk about the products/services that your small business offers.  If people like what they see on your site, and your contact info is also right there, they will more than likely call you right away instead of searching for other businesses in search engines.

Best Small Business Websites Are the Best Designed

Free small business website templates suck! Did I  shock and get your attention yet? I hope so.  Now, I’m not saying this about free small business websites because I am a professional small business website designer and want your business (well, I do want your business), but because it is true. You pay for what you get, especially  a good small business website design. While you can certain get a a “small business website for free”, it will not be search engine optimized for the web, will not come with all the online tools you will need, and the look will not be as nearly professional and cutting edge as with a custom designed best small business web site design. Remember, your site is your business card for the whole world to see. What is it saying about you and your product? Do I really need to say anything more. The best small business websites will  look pleasing to the eye, have a design that keep local small business  SEO will  have a blog for content  and is easy to use and update.

Overall, the above are just some of the reasons to ensure that you have one of  the best small business websites on the Internet for your small business niche. Do you have any other thoughts on what makes for a best small business website?

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