Looking for some great small business marketing tips?  When it comes to small business marketing through the internet, many people don’t know where or even how to start.  Sure, you can make your website look amazing, fill it up with media and special features, but where do you go from there?  The following small business marketing tips from our NJ web design agency will help you take your current traffic flow and multiply it over and over again.  Over time, the work that you put in will continue to snowball until your small business website gets more traffic than you ever would have imagined!  Here are a few important small business marketing tips.

NJ Small Business Marketing Tip- Great Content

Content is king!  This is very important to remember because many small businesses do not create as much quality content as they could.  Having lots of quality content will allow search engines to easily find your website, and increase your sites rank in the search results.  Although images and videos are useful and make your website look very professional and pleasing to the eye, search engines do not pick up images and videos.  Turn everything that you can into content.  For example: if you have images that advertises a certain product for a certain price, write it out in plain text.  The same thing goes for videos.  The goal is to have as many key words and phrases such as product names or the type of business appear as many places as possible.

NJ Small Business Marketing Tip- Create A Blog

Blogs are a great form of small business marketing because they create a large consistent amount of content, and keep your website active and constantly growing.  Your blog should be updated on a regular basis.  Write articles that have to do with your specific business or industry in general.  The articles should offer advice, promote new products, keep people updated on sales and promotions, or anything else that will keep people interested in visiting your website.  The more articles you have, the more content you will have, and therefore your website will be better optimized to get picked up by search engines.  We recommend using a WordPress Web Design because this CMS is simply the best blogging software out there.

NJ Small Business Marketing Tip- Submit Your Site To Online Directories

Submit your small business website to as many online directories as you possibly can.  If people get to your website through a directory, it is called a back link.   There are many directories that accept a wide range of websites as well as more specific directories that are only for certain typed of websites. Submitting to directories will work wonders for increasing your website’s online presence.  You will get more traffic indirectly through directories, as well as build your websites reputation for the search engines.  This is because one of the main things search engines look at when they rank your site is how many back links you have. The more back links you have, the higher the rank of your website, and therefore your traffic will greatly increase.

These three small business marketing tips will work wonders for your website.  If you consistently keep up with these three things, you will start to notice a huge increase in traffic as well’,l as a much higher rank in the search engines.  More and more people will discover your small business and they will take your website and business very seriously.  Small business marketing tips are hard to come by, but these tips will give you a huge head start over many other small business websites. If you are interested in getting some NJ SEO services for your  NJ NJ small business, please contact us today.

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