Small-Business-Website-TipsSo, you’re taking the big step by getting a small business website?  Congratulations!  You are about to enter a whole new chapter in marketing and promoting your small business.  The following article will help you identify many small business website myths that business owners tend to fall for as they begin on their small business website expedition.  So before you jump right into it, take some time to learn the truth about small business website design!

  • Small Business Website Myth #1- You Need To Learn HTML To Update Your Site

Although some web designs still require you to learn coding to update your website using coding, software known as content management systems (CMS) allow you easily update your NJ website design with the simple click of a mouse!  However, you will need to make sure that the web design company you use can put your website into a CMS for you.

Small Business Website Myth #2- Free/DIY Websites Are Ok

Free or do-it-yourself websites are not good options for your small business website.  Not only do these look VERY unprofessional, but they are not designed to drive traffic to your website from search engines.  You will be spinning your wheels for no reason if you put any time or energy into one of those websites.

Small Business Website Myth #3- SEO Is Optional

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the most important thing you can do for your small business website.  SEO is a process that optimizes your website for search engines to increase your search engine ranking.  This will drive traffic to your website.  If your website has poor SEO or no SEO, you WILL NOT get any traffic to your site!  It is very important that you invest in EXPERT NJ LOCAL SEO Services!

Now that you know about these small business website myths, you can start off on the right foot as you begin your online marketing campaign!

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