Do you know whether or not your business is in need of a new web design? Your website should be seen as a representation of your business. Not putting in the extra effort online can turn off potential business. So, how can you tell if your website is in need of an upgrade? Below are some of the top indicators that it’s time to contact a web design company for a website makeover.

Website Design | Traffic Source:

More than half of internet users say they wouldn’t recommend a company with a poorly designed or outdated website on mobile. Nowadays, consumers can purchase anything they want while on the go. This can be good for your business, but it needs to be monitored in terms of design.  Modern websites must be responsive and offer a great user experience on all types of devices.

Traffic source allows you to monitor on which device type people are accessing a site. Websites need to be ultra-responsive. Otherwise, you are in need of a new web design. Keep an eye out for problems with mobile traffic. Mobile devices make up as much as 70% of all retail website visits.

Web Design | Low Amount of Visitors:

An obvious sign of a problem in web design is traffic. If the number of visitors coming to your site has dropped but a lot, then. something is not right.  Oftentimes it’s an SEO problem, and the site is moved down in the SERPs. If people are leaving your page as due to poor graphics or poor mobile design, a site will drop in the search results. A dip in the number of visitors is a huge red flag that you need to spend time investigating your site design.

Web Development | Slow Speed Index:

Google has a tool called Speed Index to its WebPagetest for measuring site performance. Speed Index is the average time in milliseconds at which visible parts of the web page are populated and displayed. In other words, it measures how fast the user receives viewable content.  It only takes 0.05 seconds for users to decide if they like a site or not and slow loading speeds can cause visitors to leave right away.

Website Designing | High Bounce Rate:

Bounce rate is the metric that shows the number of visitors who opened a site and then left before interacting with it. A high bounce rate indicates that visitors are not engaging with the page at all. This could mean that the site looks spammy, is irrelevant to their search terms, or has an outbound link that the user clicked immediately. If your website has a high bounce rate, you may want to consider a new web design sooner, rather than later!

Best NJ Web Design CompanyWebsite Development | High Exit Rate:

A page’s exit rate is the percentage of visitors leaving a site at a certain page. In many cases, a user exiting a page is no cause for concern. Similar to the bounce rate, visitors can leave a site even if there are no on-page problems. Alternatively, if an exit rate is too high, that could be an indicator that people are leaving the page because of design issues.

Building a Website | Engagement:

Engagement metrics show how visitors interact with a site. These metrics can measure the duration and depth of a user’s experience. If a user is interacting with a site, it is a signal that the content is both attractive and easily accessible to visitors. While there is no universal standard for “good” engagement, using your best-performing pages for reference can give you an idea of engagement goals.

One of the most accessible engagement metrics is ‘session duration’. Google Analytics shows how much time visitors spend on the site and its individual pages. Although session duration is not always 100% accurate,, it can still be used as a great metric to measure engagement. If engagement is low, it is a good time to look into a redesign! More than one third of people will stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive.

Is Your Business in Need of a New Web Design?

Whatever your web design needs may be, TJB WebMedia has the talent and staff to make it happen. As you can see from our portfolio, whether a customized WordPress website or an eCommerce web design with an online store and many different products, we are there to help. Many NJ web design companies offer pre-built templates that all appear the same. Just as bad, these templates are poorly coded and bad for SEO. Our web design NJ form can offer you a more flexible website with better SERP results and higher ROI This SEO friendly approach to our NJ website designs will destroy your competition as your website dominates the search results!

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