Are you on a quest to create the perfect viral marketing video for your business? If you want to drive traffic to your small business website, there is no better way than by creating a video marketing campaign. What you need to do is create a video that will be able to go viral and be seen by as many people as possible. Unfortunately, this feat is much easier said than done! There are some practical steps you can take in order to ensure that people see your video. In today’s SEO for videos blog, we will be discussing some effective strategies that you can use to effectively create and promote your video!

SEO for Videos | Video Types that are Easy to Promote

If you’re considering making a video for your business, then no doubt, you are well aware of the manifold benefits a video can provide to your business. These benefits include brand awareness, more online visibility and more conversions and sales. Interestingly enough, if things continue on  next year, video marketing will account for 80% of all internet traffic! That means that you really need to get your video game on point! If you haven’t checked out our top 5 youtube SEO tips, you should give that a try.

So, considering that you’re already aware of the importance of video content, let me share something vital.  There are many different types of marketing videos to you can use to your advantage. Below we will go over the most easy to use and effective types of videos:

SEO for Videos | Educational videos

These videos educate your audience in a captivating way that allows them to understand their need for your product or service. Your audience has a problem, you know how to help them, and you present that solution through the video. An added bonus is that even if a person doesn’t purchase your product right then and there they will still find your content valuable and will most definitely share it on social media. That means free marketing for you! Remember that these days, consumers go to the web to get answers and find information about products and services. If you’re there to help them…they will appreciate you.

SEO for Videos | Funny Videos

Have you ever seen a creative advertisement video that made you laugh? If so, then you know first hand how it puts the products and the company in a positive light. One of the great things about video content is that is has a huge engaging power, but if you make it entertaining and fun, even better! People love consuming and sharing entertaining and amusing content especially if they got a good laugh out of it. How many times have you seen funny ads being shared on social media simply because they are funny. Always remember that a dose of fun can make your video attractive, memorable and impactful!

SEO for Videos | Animated Explainer Videos

Animated videos are very popular because they provide a platform to inform and educate simultaneously in an easy to digest format. They have a strong engaging power due to the combination of different resources, such as Captivation animations, sleek visuals, memorable music, and a compelling voice-over make give these kinds of videos a strong engaging power.  It’s a highly shareable format and very easy to distribute! If you want to explain your product or service in a way that both educates and captivates your audience, definitely give animated explainer videos a try!

SEO for Videos | Most Effective Video Distribution Channels

To maximize the reach of your video content, there are so many channels available to you! However, when you are deciding on how you are going to put your video out into the public view, there are a few things to keep in mind. You always want to pick the avenues that best fit with your marketing goals, types of products/services you offer, and the buyer persona you’re targeting. Of course, you can go the paid ad route, the organic route or even a strategic combination of both. For more information about the difference between organic and paid SEO, check out our article about organic SEO vs PPC.

SEO for Videos | Organic channels

Your own network
The primary thing you have to do is share your video among your main circles via email. Sending it via email to the current subscribers you have in your database can be a good first step. Don’t underestimate the power of sharing with your contacts!

Social media platforms
Video content fits perfectly with the “social media” logic. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Snapchat, Periscope, and many others can give you a huge hand in promoting your marketing video. By developing an attractive and engaging video you can get likes, comments and shares and extend your reach. Just remember that you have to pick out those that fit better with your specific business.

Social groups and forums
Seeding your video in different groups and forums is also a good approach. Make sure they gather the target audience you aim for, that they are active, updated and that they are highly relevant. These are very useful promotional channels as these platforms gather potential customers that have a true interest in what you have to say. You have them there for you!

PR tactics
PR techniques can be a good complement too. Write a press release or prepare some specific corporate marketing material that features your video and share it with media (journalists, editors, producers, reporters, etc.). If you work on a solid relationship over time you can get pretty good results.

Start promoting your video on your own blog, which will help you boost your SEO. Also, distribute it on other people’s blogs to gain more reach using SEO tools like Linkio. In this sense, choose those that are relevant to your niche, highly-rated, that target the same customers like you, etc. Another good alternative is writing some guest posts for third-party blogs (don’t forget to include your video!). This way you will get more visits to your website while you also provide their audience with useful content. The two parties win!

SEO for Videos | Paid channels

Google Ads
There are many effective platforms like AdWords and AdSense that can bring in good results in a reasonably short period of time (much faster than generating organic traffic). There’s nothing magical behind this method. You simply bid for the keywords and your content shows up in the ad section of google. However, it is important that you develop a strategic adword campaign to ensure that you generate the most bang for your buck. This method of generating traffic allows you to focus on a specific audience, measure the results of your campaign and adjust what could be improved upon.

Paid content promotion
You can also pay for content promotion in other channels. Platforms like StumbleUpon, Reddit Ads and Outbrain are some alternatives. You can also promote your video through Twitter, Facebook or YouTube ads. These are just some ideas!

SEO for Videos | Last Minute Video SEO Tips

Make a GREAT Thumbnail: They don’t call it clickbait for no reason! A thumbnail can make a huge difference in terms of clicks! Choose an image that is catchy, inviting, attractive and representative of the content. Use captivating wording, colors and images to create a thumbnail that peaks people’s interest.

Captivating Call to Action: when developing your video don’t forget to include a strong call to action at the end, so as to guide your viewers in the direction you want. The CTA has to be in line with the goal of your video. This will be vital to measure the effectiveness of your campaign.

Attractive Title: Keep it brief, catchy and to the point! Similarly to the thumbnail, you want the title to act as clickbait but you also want it to be an informative summing up of your video. Let people know what they are in for in a way that peaks interest.

Relevant Tags: This is possibly the most important aspect of video SEO. Choose the most important keywords and long tail keywords that are relevant to your niche and add them to the title and tags of the video. This will get your video in front of the right people in Google and YouTube searches. We recommend that you do some thorough keyword research before choosing which tags that you want to use.

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