Are you looking for some of the most effective YouTube SEO marketing strategies you can implement to get your videos to appear in the search results? If you have internet access (you wouldn’t be reading this if you didn’t) then you most likely have been on YouTube for one reason of another during the past few hours. YouTube is one of the most visited websites on the internet! With an astonishing 6 billion hours of content viewed every month, it is an amazing platform to market your brand or business.


Because YouTube is owned by Google, YouTube videos are integrated into Google search results. It is very similar to regular local business SEO. You may have noticed YouTube videos popping up in the regular search results feed. YouTube videos are everywhere. They get embedded into WordPress blogs, websites, Facebook posts, Tweets and more! YouTube is still growing and it continues to grow fast! This is mostly due to the availability of high quality cameras and the ever increasing popularity of becoming a YouTuber as a profession. Famous YouTubers like PewDiePie are making more money making youtube videos than traditional celebrities such as the likes of Allen Iverson, Meghan Trainor, and Hillary Clinton. Because YouTube videos are integrated into the Google search algorithm, a big part of being discovered on YouTube is how you optimize each video for search.


Below, we will cover the Top 5 YouTube SEO Tips to boost your YouTube search visibility.

Top 5 YouTube SEO Tips | #1 Video Descriptions

This should come as a given, however, I can’t tell you how many videos I see without descriptions. Even videos that have a decent amount of views. It frustrates me to no end when I see a video that have a few thousand views with no description. That YouTuber missed out on getting MANY more views because they neglected to add a good description. Do NOT skip out on this important step!

When it comes to the length of the description, a good rule of thumb is this: The longer and more detailed, the better. This is because it allows you to add contextual keywords into the description can can get picked up y Google’s algorithm. Keywords are still at the heart of all Google and YouTube searches. The concept is simple. You’re not simply trying to rank for a single long-tail keyword. You’re trying to rank for a variety of loosely-related searches, which may or may not include the exact keyword phrase you’re targeting.

Top 5 YouTube SEO Tips | #2 Use The Right Keywords

Since YouTube’s videos are also searchable through Google, it makes sense to optimize for both search engines. In order to determine this you can use a free tool called Google’s Keyword Planner tool. It is part of Google Adwords ManagementHere is an in-depth article explaining how to use it to your advantage. Those in-depth instructions explain how to determine which keywords will work best across both platforms. Know that the devil is in the details. Adding as much text information to a video as possible provides both humans as well as robots with the necessary contextual information.

Top 5 YouTube SEO Tips | #3 Embed Your Video EVERYWHERE

Seriously though – embed your video in as many places as you can. Video embedding and sharing buttons are already included in your default options, so you don’t even have to do anything special as a creator unless you want to limit the distribution in any way.  You can share it on social media, answer quora questions along with your embed, post it on reddit and more! The more websites, forums, chat rooms, and social networks link to your video, the more likely it is to be found. Think of sharing the video as a free social media campaign. This is the same basic principle of backlinking but applied to your YouTube videos. Remember, people love watching online videos, and these shares are what will ultimately drive your video’s traffic until it creates organic search traffic.

Top 5 YouTube SEO Tips | #4 Add Your Video to a Playlist

Creating playlists and then adding your videos to a relevant list is a great way to boost the amount of time people spend on your channel. I’m sure you are familiar with a youtube playlist. Here is how it looks:

When you’re in a playlist, you’ll see a list of videos in it while watching the current video. You can then navigate through the playlist. This format provides a more immersive channel experience, and curating great playlists can have a greater impact than creating videos. Spotify built its entire $10 billion brand in the face of stiff competition from Apple, Pandora, and even YouTube because of curated playlists.

Top 5 YouTube SEO Tips | #5 Length Matters

If you meet somebody who says length doesn’t matter, then the truth is that they are just insecure about the short length of their own videos. All joking aside, if you make a video ad, the requirement is less than 1 minute, but for the actual video content, you’ll need videos that are 10 minutes or longer. The device the video is watched on does make a difference, as does video length. Music videos, for example, are commonly 3-6 minutes, making them ideal for mobile consumption.

Shorter videos are also often preferred when making live clips on other social networks, like Facebook, Vine, or Instagram. With mobile video usage on the rise, a 5-10 minute video will suffice, with 20+ minute videos serving as tent poles to draw viewers. Remember that the quality of your video plays an important role these days. Many people are watching on high definition displays, so anything less than 720p is a big no-no! 1080 or 4k are the best way to go. A little extra time and editing will really help your video get a lot of view retention.

Top 5 YouTube SEO Tips | TJB WebMedia YouTube SEO Specialists

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