Do you use service area pages (SAP’s) to aid your SEO strategy? Local SEO can be a considerably powerful search engine optimization tool, and it’s a fantastic method to reach highly qualified prospects in your region. While you may already be utilizing Google My Business (GMB) as a part of the Google Local Search (GLS) platform, if you’re located in a huge metropolitan area, chances are you’ve got a lot of competition, particularly in more popular niches. If your business falls into that category, consider adding service area pages to your website for a large local SEO boost and to rank higher in organic search results.

What are Service Area Pages & Why Should You Use Them?

Service area pages on your business website are one of the most efficient techniques we’ve found for improving local SEO. Service area pages (SAPs), sometimes known as “areas served” pages, are a mix of content marketing tactics and landing pages that incorporate elements from both categories.

Depending on how a prospect searches, your service area pages may take the place of your homepage. To put it another way, if someone in their region is looking for your services, they could discover them before they find your home page via good local SEO practices. You may also make SAPs for cities, towns, or even popular landmarks. The more of these pages you include on your site, the more benefits you’ll receive.

SAPs are designed to highlight your products or services, provide a little information about your firm and its unique value, and encourage visitors to take the next steps on their journey to purchase, all in an effort to improve conversions.

How to Build Effective Search Area Pages to Boost SEO

Your search area pages should follow the same structure as your regular services pages. That implies that you must highlight your services, explain your unique value proposition, and offer practical guidance for taking the required actions.

It’s also critical to have high-quality, interesting material that is distinct for each SAP. You don’t want to just paste pages with different city names together. Google may penalize your search engine results page (SERP) position.

To get the most out of your local SEO efforts, you must first establish and claim your GLS and GMB accounts. SAPs function in tandem with these systems, which are both required to obtain the results you want.

For best results, consider working with an experienced NJ internet marketing company on your SEO strategy. Be sure to request references and ask a lot of questions before hiring one.

Looking for a Professional NJ SEO Company to Help Boost Your Local SEO?

TJB WebMedia is one of the top ranked SEO company in New Jersey. We understand that voice search SEO plays a vital role in growing your small business. That’s why we focus on developing customized campaigns either on their own or as part of a comprehensive SEO strategy. We specialize in creating SEO optimized posts for any type of organization. The bottom line is whatever your need, we have the talent and staff to make it happen. We also specialize in comprehensive NJ SEO and NJ web design.

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