Ocean-County-NJ-Small-Business-SEO-FirmLooking to greatly boost your clientele by means of the internet?  Of course you are!  The realization of the necessity of a website with a professional sleek design and search engine optimization (SEO) is rapidly sweeping across the small business world as local businesses battle over both organic and local search engine rank!   The fact that the internet is the most efficient way  to advertise and market your small business is old news these days.  Unfortunately however, most small business owners remain unclear about best avenue to take when beginning and maintaining an online marketing campaign!   Many small businesses are investing in websites that aren’t helping promote the business because they are uninformed about the way the internet works!  Their websites don’t get any traffic, and they definitely don’t get the business any new sales and/or clients.  Not only do these websites not get any visitors, but many of them are cheaply made, look unattractive and come off as very unprofessional.  The bottom line is this:  Many small businesses are throwing away money by investing in a useless website.  With that being said, lets cut to the chase and talk about what you need to know before diving into a deal with a web designer or SEO company.

Great Small Business Web Design

Research shows that when browsing the web, consumers decide within 10 seconds of loading a website whether to stay or leave and find another one.  As a small business, your website is your business card to the world!  If your website is lacking (especially in the design department), it will greatly effect the impression that it makes on first-time visitors. A professional and beautifully designed website will cause people take your business seriously right off the bat and greatly increase the chances that they will do business with you.  DIY or free templates are never a good idea because they look very unprofessional and will send people away from your website with a negative mental image of your business.

 Expert Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization (SEO) is key to any successful small business website.  SEO is a process that drives traffic to a small business website through organic and local search engine results like Google and Yahoo!.  The better a website’s SEO, the higher up it will appear in search engine results.  Being ranked high in the search engines results in a greatly increased traffic flow which translates into many more sales and/or clients via your website.  Keep in mind that we are NOT talking about paid ads, but the actual organic and local search results.  Without good SEO, websites are rendered useless. Investing in expert search engine optimization services is the single most important investment a small business can make when turning to the internet to get more sales or customers.


Make sure you keep up on these two things, and your small business website will end up being a worthwhile investment.  Not only will you will start to see results, but you will blow your competition out of the water!  For more articles about small business web design and search engine optimization, call 732-463-7835 or fill out our discovery form


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