Are you looking for some great small business website tips that will help your small business website stand out and be a step above the rest?  Although most businesses nowadays have a small business website, most of these sites are horrendous and are very little help to the business.  The problem is that many small business owners know very little about web design.  Therefore, they make some very crucial yet very avoidable mistakes while designing and creating their small business website.  The following small business website tips will help guide you help you make the website that will most benefit your small business.

Small Business Website Tip- A Simple Catchy URL Address

When it comes to the URL of your small business website, short and sweet is the way to go.  The LAST thing any small business website needs is a long web address that is complex and hard to remember.  You want your URL to be simple, memorable, and relevant to your business.  It is also highly recommended that you use a “.com” extension due to the simple fact that most internet users are used to .com being at the end of every web address.

Small Business Website Advice- Simple Site Navigation

Make sure that your small business website navigation is simple and predictable.  This means that you should have your site map located in the header or sidebar and give things familiar names (such as home, about, contact, services, ect…)  This is not the are to get creative in because you want visitors to find all the information they need quickly and easily.

Small Business Site Tip- Put Your Contact Info Everywhere

Your contact info needs to be on every page at least somewhere!  You should also have a specific page that contains all your contact info.  It is a good idea to put the name of your business, email address, and phone number in the header that appears on every page.  This is because you want people to be  able to contact you easily at ANY point they are visiting your website without having to search long and hard for a phone number or e-mail.  If they can’t find it, there’s a good chance that they will just go to another website to find what they need.

Small Business Website Tip- Testimonials

Make sure that you have some customer testimonials on your website on the homepage.  Even if it’s just a few quotes, you want to ensure that people know that others have tried your business were satisfied.  You want to make people feel confident in their decision to go with your business.

Small Business Website Advice- Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization is by far the most important thing that every small business website needs.  Have you ever done a Google or Yahoo! search and noticed how some website come up on the first page of results and others are nowhere to be found?  The reason for that is:  the websites at the top of the list have good search engine optimization (SEO).  SEO is a series functions that give your website a good “reputation” for the search engines.  We highly recommend that you invest in local SEO NJ services.  Good SEO means lots of traffic, and traffic means customers.  Even the best looking business website in the world is useless if it gets no traffic.

These small business website tips from our NJ wordpress website design company will help you create a website that stands a cut above the rest.  A small business website has the potential to bring in lots of customers, as long as you go about it the right way!

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