1. Small-Business-Home-Page-TipsLooking for some great small business website home page tips?  Your small business website home page is by far the most important aspect of your site.  Since your home page will be many peoples first impression of your small business website, you need to ensure that it contains all the elements that a good home page requires.  The following small business website home page tips will help guide you through the process of creating a really good home page that will impress visitors, and best benefit your small business!

Small Business Website Home Page Tip-Let Them Know Who You Are

As a NJ WordPress web design expert,  I meet many small business owners who are unclear what their business is and what kinds of products or services they offer.  Your home page needs to make it painfully obvious what the name of your business is, and what kinds of products or services you offer customers.  If people visiting your website cannot figure that out within the first second or two, then you’re in trouble!  The name of your business and logo should always be at the top of the page, and the first bit of text should explain what you are all about.

Small Business Website Home Page Tip-Your Location

The location and address of your small business should be on your home page and easily located. Putting Schema markup  in the meta tags which clearly identifies your NAP is also great for NJ Local SEO  Many people visit a website for the sole purpose of getting the address.  If they cannot find it easily they will become frustrated.  Let people know right away where your business is located!

Small Business Website Home Page Tip-Don’t Use Crazy Colors

Although the color scheme should fit the theme and colors of your business, always avoid  over using bright colors or too many colors.  The last thing you want to do is hurt peoples eyes!  It’s fine if your logo contains really bright colors, but keep the rest of the page (especially the text areas) simple colors such as black or white.  Don’t ever compromise readability to fit a certain color scheme.

Small Business Website Home Page Tip-Professional Images

Its good to have pictures of your business on your home page, but they need to look professional.  How can you expect people to take your website seriously if it looks like any average joe snapped a picture real quick on their digital camera and slapped it up on the internet?  You need to hire a photographer (or ask a friend) to take professional looking quality photos before you put them on your website.

Small Business Website Home Page Tip-Keep It Up-To-Date

Make sure that all news and upcoming events are up to date, and once the date passes, take it down!  Don’t leave out dated info on your home page.  It looks very unprofessional, and it may even cause folks to believe that your website is no longer active.

Keep these small business website home page tips in mind while you create and maintain your homepage.  Your small business website homepage is your biggest opportunity to grab peoples attention, and keep them interested, so make sure you go about it the correct way.

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