Middlesex County SEO | Small Business Web Design Looking for some great ways to market your NJ small business website online?  With more and more people turning to the internet to find small businesses every day, it is very important that you market yourself so that people can easily find you online.  For many business owners, marketing your small business online can often times seem overwhelming.  Having a professionally designed small business website is a great step, but many people don’t know where to go from there. Say for example you wish to SEO market a Restaurant. Here are some great ways to market your small business using the internet.

Market Your Small Business Online By Submitting To Free Online Directories

There are many local business directories on the internet that you can submit your business information to for free.  Some good examples are Google Places, Yahoo! Local, and Bing Local Listings.  This is known as local search engine optimization (SEO)  Of course, the free business directories dont stop there!  There are endless online business directories out there and the more you submit to the better.  Every time you list your business on an online directory, you increase the chances of being found by people using search engines because the name of your business will apear on so many different websites.  It is also important to remember to put the URL of your business website in all the directories you submit your business to.  This will significantly increase traffic to your own website, so don’t overlook that step.

Market Your Small Business Online By Optimizing Your Media

Make sure you optimize all your videos and images for search engines!  Many business owners don’t even think about this when putting various media items on their websites.  If you are using a video from another website such as YouTube, make sure that the tags and description of your video are using keywords that relate to your business.  You can also put the URL of your business website in the description.  This will allow search engines to find your videos when people search for topics that your business attains to.  If you upload images, make sure the names of the images contain key words, as well as the alternate text of the image (text that search engines can see but people cannot).

Marketing Your Small Business Online By Linking With Other Websites

When you link with another website, it is known as a backlink.  When search engines see that other sites are linking back to you, this will increase the relevance of your website in the eyes of the search engines.  Contact other like minded business websites and ask them if they will put your link on their site in return for their link on your site.  The higher ranked the site that you link with is, the better it is for your website so try to link with popular trusted websites.

When marketing your small business online, keep these tips in mind because they will greatly increase your traffic as well as search engine ranking.  If you stay dedicated to marketing your small business online, and keep up with submitting your business to directories, optimizing media, and linking with other websites, your time and efforts will pay off greatly!


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