mobile-friendly-websites-for-small-businessesIs your NJ small business website mobile friendly?  Is it fast and up to Google’s website speed test standards? Having a mobile friendly website for your small business is becoming more and more vital every day.  Smart phones like the iPhone and Droid are now the primary way that people browse the internet.  In fact, the use of smart phones is growing at a much faster rate than the use of radio, tv, computers, and the internet ever did!  This means that your small business needs to get with the times and you need to optimize for mobile access and speed.  Here are some reasons why your small business website needs to be mobile ready:

Mobile Friendly Websites

Since 2016 alone, there has been a 400% increase in the use of smart phones.  This means that more people browse the internet from a mobile device than ever before.  That’s why Google is going to be ranking sites based on mobile versions as opposed to desktops. Speed is more important than ever when it comes to SEO.

Mobile friendly websites allow people to easily view information they need to find in a simple, mobile friendly format.  If your small business website isn’t  optimized for mobile devices, it will look small, cluttered, and may not even load properly.  If people are browsing the web in search of a business and they open your non-mobile friendly website, they will find it to be difficult to navigate and frustrating to view.  They will quickly move on to another website that is optimized to be viewed from mobile devices. This is  why our NJ WordPress web designers use a CMS like WordPress: It’s easygoing to make mobile friendly.

Mobile Friendly Websites Are Convenient For People On The Go

Often times when people search for a local small business, they are on the go and they will search from their smart phone.  For example: If somebody blows a tire while driving, they will search for a tire shop in the area on a mobile device.  If somebody is looking for a specific type of restaurant and they are unfamiliar with the area, they search for one from their smart phone.  If people need any specific type of business or services and they aren’t at home in front of their computer, they go to the internet from the portability of their mobile phones.  87% of smart phone users browse the web while they are on the go.  If your small business website is not properly designed to be viewed on mobile devices, people browsing on the go won’t find your website to be very helpful, and will search for a mobile friendly website that they find helpful and easy to use.

Mobile friendly websites can only help your small business, and not optimizing your site to be viewed on mobile can really hurt your business.  It is in the best interest of you and your clients that you ensure your small business website is mobile friendly.  It may not seem very important at a glance, but in the long run, it will help you out by increasing traffic flow, and bringing in more clients.

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