Allegheny county PA local search engine optimization services seo tips seo adviceAre you a small business owner in need of some great search engine optimization (SEO) advice?  Searching through all the muck and mire of the online SEO world to find genuine advice and information can be the most mentally exhausting and time consuming endeavor if you don’t have a clear starting point in focus!  The internet is full scam artists and phony “professionals” who are out there to make a quick buck and to exploit small businesses who are in need of great search engine rank.  Fortunately for you, we’ve put together some basic SEO tips that cut right past all the false SEO hype and focus on the important aspects of superb search engine optimization.  These tips are both easy for anybody to implement and highly effective:


Boost Your NJ Local SEO | Submit to Online Business Directories

Although investing in professional SEO services is the only sure fire way to boost your website’s SEO and drive targeted traffic to you website, there are many things you can do to increase your websites visibility on the internet without having to be an SEO expert.  Submitting your local business to online small business directories. (such as Yelp, Foursquare, and Yahoo Local)    Go to for a great list of online small business directories.  The more directories your small business is listed on, the better it is for your website.  Make sure that you always put your website’s URL on the listings, and use the same exact name and address information.  Even small differences in your business information can have a negative effect on your SEO.  It usually takes a few weeks for the directories to review your listing and post it, but over time, they add up and are vital to your small business SEO!


Social Media and Search Engine Optimization

Contrary to popular belief, social media isn’t strictly for your teenage daughter!  Social media plays a vital role in search engine optimization for two reasons: 1) Social media websites always have VERY high search engine rank and if your social media account has a direct URL to your small business website, you will greatly increase the number of visitors you get!  2) Social media websites create a buzz for your small business because they act as an interactive platform for your followers and customers to keep an eye on your business.  Friends, followers and fans can share your posts with their social network which spreads your name around without you being directly involved.  It is basically free advertising!  When you create social media accounts, be sure to list information such as your URL and address; the same way that you would in a directory!


Local SEO Tips | Create A Blog

Blogging is a fantastic way to increase your website’s SEO.  Blogs create fresh key phrase rich content, and each post is another opportunity for someone to find your website.  The more content you website contains, the higher its rank will be.  As the search engines index your new blog posts, your website will gain online reputability.  You can blog about promotions, sales, products, services, or anything you want!  Blogs will also keep regular visitors coming back to see whats new.

These tips will give your SEO a nice boost!  Remember, SEO is an ongoing process that never comes to an end.  This is why we highly recommend you invest in professional search engine optimization services.

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