Using Google Search Profile, previously known as Google My Business, is perhaps the most effective way to target local consumers in your area. Because the Google Maps results often show up at the top of a Google search, optimizing your Google Search Profile can help your business reach a significant amount of new customers. While many people are aware of Google My Business, they don’t realize how powerful it can be for bringing in new business. Another lesser-known fact is that you can actually rank your Google Search Profile in multiple towns in your area, extending the reach of your business even further. Below, we will share some tips on how you can get the ball rolling to increase your business’s online exposure.

Ranking Your Google Search Profile in Multiple Towns

Now before we get into the nitty gritty of everything, let’s first mention that nothing is ever 100% guaranteed, and each niche and region will be different. There are also some factors that need to be taken into consideration before you start:

  • If the nearby areas that you want to rank in have a 50,000 or more population (and/or the niche you want to rank in is a competitive field), you are going to have a very difficult time being successful, no matter what you do.
  • Make sure these surrounding areas trigger local results for the keywords you’re looking to rank for.
  • Is anyone else doing what you’re attempting? Have you done searches in these surrounding cities to see if your competitors with an address in your area are ranking there? That there would be a pretty good sign.

Steps for Ranking Your Google Search Profile (Google My Business) in Multiple Areas

  1. In the reviews you acquire ‘legitimately,’ make sure they include the names of other cities. They should also contain your keywords if at all possible. Request that your reviewers be as detailed as possible about the service they received. Instead of a review, ask for comments rather than a review. And don’t just rely on Google; Get them placed on third-party sites as well. Here is a great resource with a bunch to choose from. The same idea applies here regarding review composition.
  2. Probably something you already know, but make sure it’s made abundantly clear on your website that you serve those regions. On whatever page the Google Local listing references (usually the home page), list them specifically. But don’t stop there; emphasize those topics on your blog, make sure they’re on your service page, etc., etc. Make that point Don’t worry about optimizing your home page for other cities. Include the names of the cities, but don’t include the entire keyword, such as…and so on. What you may find is that by optimizing for those different keywords, you start to cannibalize yourself and either your home page or local landing page (or both) suffers as a result
  3. In your address options, in the Google Search Profile (Google My Business) dashboard, choose “I deliver goods and services to my….” and instead of defining the service area by miles or kilometers, type in the name of each city. There is disagreement on this point, with some believing that hiding your address vs. showing it (your address will go away as soon as you do this) has an impact on rank. The idea is that concealing your address lowers your rank.
  4. In your Google Search Profile dashboard, you can also add the following city names to your description. Don’t be overly spammy; they’ve given you a lot of space to work with.
  5. Check that the page your Google listing links to (probably the home page) ranks highly organically for these other region keywords. Based on where you rank organically, Google appears to be taking a lot of advice.
  6. Lastly, you have to be patient. Where you are located, or not located, is a considerable factor in this algorithm. You have some serious hurdles to climb. You need to be that much stronger than everyone else that is located in those other cities, in almost every possible way. More citations. More reviews. More, high quality links. Better organic ranking.

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