Facebook-SEO-tipsWhy write about NJ Facebook SEO tips? Having a Facebook business page and NJ Social Media Marketing  these days is imperative. But let me back up a moment and say if you have a  business website and don’t have a Facebook page, you are straight up missing out on potential business.  After all, Facebook is the second most visited site on the Internet, and that is why it should be an important part of your NJ local small business SEO strategy.

Just a few years ago  optimizing your small business website for Google and other search engines was the only real way to get traffic to your small business website.  However, during the past few years, search engines like  Google have been indexing Facebook business pages.  As awesome as this fact is, most small businesses do not know how to take advantage of  Facebook because they do not understand how Facebook optimization works. Hopefully, the following Facebook SEO tips will help your small businesses Facebook page to increase traffic to your actual website, which will also produce a rise in sales or clients.

NJ Facebook SEO

Important information that is rich in quality content should always be kept public.  Facebook has an option to only allow people who “like” your page to view certain tabs.  Although this may seem like an incentive to get people to like your Facebook page, it keeps the content concealed from the search engines.  This means that fewer people will come across your Facebook page via search engine results on Google or Yahoo!  It is best that you keep most things public especially if they contain quality content with lots of key words and phrases.  Makes sense?

Small Business  Facebook SEO Status Updates

Whenever you post a Facebook status update, make sure that it is rich in keywords, and that there is always a link back to your  small business website.  The bottom line is that by linking back to your business website, search engines will both find your status updates and index an incoming link to your site.  This is an effective and easy way to increase your website’s SEO and your business’ online visibility.  You should post new statuses as often as possible to achieve maximum internet exposure.

Facebook Small Business SEO

As you create your Facebook business page, treat it as if it were a post on your actual small business website.  This means that all the info should be rich in keywords and key phrases.  Although using creative layouts and images may look nice to your Facebook visitors, search engines cannot crawl through images as well as text.  Make sure that all the quality text content that you would want on your actual website is there on your Facebook page.  This will ensure that search engines will find your Facebook page when people search for your small business.

Optimizing your small business Facebook is a crucial SEO tool to get traffic to your actual small business website.  As the second most popular website on the internet, it is ideal that you should use it to your full advantage to drive more traffic to your small business website.  Not only will you drive traffic to your actual website, but you will virally promote your brand through social networking.  As you make your small business Facebook page, use these Facebook SEO tips as a guide, and you will maximize your small businesses online exposure!  Happy Facebooking!


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