1. google-seo-local-tipsWhen it comes to optimizing your business website for local search, Google+ is truly a game-changer!  Why?  Unlike other social media websites such as Facebook or Twitter, Google+ stands in a league of its own by placing a strong emphasis on local search engine optimization (SEO).  Google+ pages are indexed on the main area of the Google search engine results.  This means that your clients can see your Google+ business page within the actual search results regardless of whether or not they have a Google+ page of their own.  If your still on the fence about creating a business Google+ page, I highly encourage you to consider these 5 reasons to create one!

The Importance Of An NJ Small Biz Google+ Page | Page Rank

Google indexes Google+ pages virtually instantaneously, and it comes as no surprise!  Google gives special treatment to pages created within their own service!  Since Google Search indexes and gives page rank to Google+ pages just as it would any other content on the web, your Google+ page will quickly gain high page rank.  Higher ranked pages give authority to sites that they link to, so putting your URL on your Google+ page will create a quality incoming link that causes Google Search to see your business website as more relevant. Keep in mind that 2 out of 3 web searches in the United States take place on Google, so being indexed in this way is necessary for great search engine optimization

The Importance Of  A Small Biz Google+ Page | Building A Network

A Google+ page will facilitate building a network of clients and other businesses.  A broader network equals higher page rank.  Even if your clients aren’t Google+ users, if they have a Gmail or YouTube account, they will be able to 1+ your Google+ business page.  The more +1’s your page gets, the faster its page rank will increase.  Google+ will also give people the opportunity to review your business and which work wonders for page rank.

The Importance Of An NJ Small Biz Google+ Page | Local SEO

Recently, Google Local combined with Google + to become one entity.  The local SEO aspect of Google+ is perfect for small businesses because it specifically focuses on their locations.  Unlike Facebook business pages, Google+ pages are specifically geared to help small businesses reach out to clients on an informal social media platform.  A Google+ business page will help your small business website by giving you:

  • Greater visibility.  This helps clients easily find a link to your website.  This ensures that they are always a click of the mouse away from browsing your entire small website and seeing all that you have to offer.
  • A comfortable social media platform for business/client interaction.  You will be able to easily reach out to your customers to  connect on a more personal level.  You can also encourage them to review your business and +1 your page.
  • Consistent fresh content.  This includes reviews and comments that your clients post on your page.  This alone will boost your page rank and visibility.
  • Seamless integration with Google maps.  This means that consumers will be able to view your business location and get directions without even clicking on your actual Google+ page.

The bottom line is this: If you aren’t taking advantage of all that Google+ has to offer, you are missing out big time!  Local SEO is necessary for the success of your business, and creating a Google+ page is the most efficient way to get started!  For more articles related to local SEO and small business web design, visit our site.


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