YouTube is one of the most popular and fastest growing platforms out there, making good YouTube SEO crucial for projecting yourself to the masses. Those who do really well on YouTube have great channels. They are aesthetically pleasing, display the best videos, and connect with others in their niche. These channels promote better engagement and rake in more views, which is extremely important when it comes to having videos rank in YouTube’s (and Google’s) SERPs. Below are some YouTube SEO tips to help you optimize your channel, make it more appealing, and reach a bigger audience:

Tips for YouTube SEO

YouTube SEO Tips

YouTube SEO | Add a Featured Video or Channel Trailer:

YouTube gives you the option to have a featured video or, for users who aren’t yet subscribed, a channel trailer. Many big channels choose to place a video they see as good representation of the rest of their content. Getting users to subscribe by making a for-purpose trailer about your channel has also proven to be an effective approach.

Be sure to take full advantage the description box by including around 100 words to signal to visitors and the Google/YouTube algorithm what your channel is all about.

SEO for YouTube | Include a Custom Banner:

On your YouTube channel, the banner stretches across the top of the page in-between the search bar and the title of the channel. It should be eye-catching and on-brand, as well as being sized to the optimal 2560 x 1440 pixels. Try to be creative and unique, and be sure that it isn’t too busy nor basic.

YouTube Search Engine Optimization | Set up Playlists:

Once you really start building up your YouTube content, playlists will help make things more navigable. Grouping together popular videos or those with a similar theme are good options. You will know your content best when it comes to working out what videos work well together.

From an YouTube SEO point of view, videos which are getting good traffic and engagement tend to rank better. For that reason, it’s advantageous to make videos as easy to find by grouping and linking out to other similar videos/playlists in your channel from each video description. This will make things easier for viewers.

Don’t solely rely on YouTube to get your content next in-line after other similar videos – be bold with playlists and link to them.

YouTube SEOYouTube SEO Tips | Link to Related Channels:

Linking out to the competition might seem counterintuitive , but it is in keeping with the community aspect of YouTube help you gain more popularity. Think about it in terms of giving value to you visitors/subscribers. Make it easy for them to stumble upon other great, related content.

Make sure you are uploading the best content that you can, as other channels may feel led to start linking to you, which will also improve your YouTube SEO.

YouTube Marketing | Fill Out Your “About” Tab:

It’s not the most visible page, but YouTube does provide an ‘About’ tab for you to add a description for your channel. You can add as much information here as you’d like. You can also add a business email and links to your website/social media/etc. Links within the body text there aren’t clickable, but there’s a designated link area at the footer of the page.

Looking for YouTube SEO or other Search Engine Optimization Services?

The right YouTube SEO company can propel you to success, while the wrong one can leave you dead in your tracks! They can build custom strategies, manage daily tasks, and ultimately generate leads and sales from social. But it’s on you to choose a partner that not only gets social media, but also understands your business. TJB WebMedia is the top ranked SEO company in New Jersey. We understand that voice search SEO plays a vital role in growing your small business. That’s why we focus on developing customized campaigns either on their own or as part of a comprehensive SEO strategy. The bottom line is whatever your need, we have the talent and staff to make it happen. We also specialize in comprehensive NJ SEO and NJ web design.

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