20111126-004657.jpgDid you ever wonder what a website needs to be a top small business website? All top small business websites have similar qualities that set them apart from the myriad of small business websites out there. As you build and maintain your website, consider the following points as they will help you develop your site into a top small business website.

Top Business Websites Keep Their Content Up To Date

Make sure that you keep the content on your small business website up to date. Neither humans nor search engines like stale content. So if your business was having a special sale or promotion last month and there is still an ad for it on your site, update your website and take it off! Not only will keeping old information on your small business website confuse visitors, but it is unprofessional and will turn people away from your business. You should update your website and post new content often to keep things fresh, and to keep people and Google interested.

A Top Small Business Website Posts Contact Info Everywhere!

As a business, you want people to be able to contact you with ease. If people need to search all over your website to find your phone number and email, then you need to make some changes. Your contact phone number and email should be on every page of your small business website. You should put them on either the header, footer, or sidebar. This will ensure that at any point that somebody wants to contact you, they will be able to right away. If customers are browsing the internet, they are much less likely to go to another top small business website on Yahoo if they find what they need on your website and see your contact info right in front of them.

Top Small Business Websites Have Awesome Pics

Having high quality pictures on your website is very important and is often overlooked. Many small business websites either don’t have pictures, or they have very low quality pictures. If you don’t have high quality digital pics, do t even bother putting any on your site. In that case, You should either hire a professional photographer to take pictures of your business or find high quality photos on the internet. If people are discovering you on the internet, pictures will be their first impression of your business. You want to seem as professional and legitimate as you possibly can, and low quality pictures do the opposite for you.

A Top Small Business Website Has Links To Social Media

Having buttons that link to your Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc., is very important. Social media is one of the best ways to promote your small business on the internet, so make sure you advertise your social media pages on your own website. For more info on the importance of social media for your small business website, check out our article on NJ Social Media Marketing.

As you build your site, keep these tips in mind because they will help your website become a top small business website. All top small business websites follow these tips and that’s part of what sets them apart from all the other small business websites on the internet. Allow our NJ SEO Company to help you: Call 732-463-7835

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