Have you ever thought about real estate SEO? When it comes to real estate lead generation strategies, many real estate workers seem to have a love/hate relationship with it. At times it can feel like you’re never going to achieve the results you desire. Outside of the algorithm-developing nerve center, no one may ever completely know. What we do know is, we all want to reap the reward of having high Google rankings with proper real estate SEO. What most real estate professionals don’t understand is that it takes patience to get there. And patience does pay off, especially when it comes to Google.

So, what does that mean for you? In a nutshell, leads. Real estate SEO leads are way more likely to close than outbound leads and can cost much less. Think about it like this: investing in real estate SEO is like buying a home instead vs. renting. You’re building equity on a previous investment instead of paying a fixed rent for a place to live, with nothing to show for it when you leave. The key is knowing which methods to apply to get better results. Below are some real estate SEO practices to consider when implementing your next online marketing campaign.

Tips for Real Estate SEO

Conduct frequent keyword research

The competition for keywords is fierce so tightly target your keywords on a specific area. 69% of home shoppers begin their research with a local keyword phrase, like “Central NJ realtor.” Use Google’s Keyword Planner to gain an overall picture of what target keywords should drive the most traffic to your site, and how tough it will be to rank well for those keywords.

Keep your website up-to-date

Armed with keyword data, make appropriate changes to your website (including the Page Title, Meta Descriptions, headers and body copy). Incorporate target keywords that you want to rank for. Pages can be over-optimized for keywords, so it is best to write page titles and meta descriptions that are appealing to both search engines and users. Proper IDX integration can increase your traffic and boost your rankings as well.

Submit your site to directories

Getting your website in as many directories as possible will gradually help improve your real estate SEO rankings. You can find real estate directories to submit your website to through sources like Trulia, Zillow, Redfin and Homes.com who have directories for realtors. Zillow had close to 48 million unique visitors in January 2015 and Trulia had 30 million. There’s a lot of potential traffic to be captured by getting listed in the right real estate directory.

Make use of your blog

These days, content is king on search engines and SEO results. Websites with blogs get 60% more traffic. Why? One way to secure traffic to your site for specific properties is to write blog posts. Publish frequent, quality articles about home renovations, local real estate market conditions and community spotlights that would be of interest to potential home buyers and sellers in your area. The content should be unique and optimized with target keywords.

Be mobile friendly

Increasingly, Americans are shopping for new homes via mobile devices. A 300% growth of real estate broker-related searches on tablets year over year. Make sure your website is optimized for mobile discovery so you aren’t turning customers away and losing real estate leads.

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