The truth is that your testimonials page does absolutely nothing for you. Most people spend less than 30 seconds on a website before they close the window. People are used to instant gratification, and your business phone number and address are all they want before they click off your site.  Now, this is not at all to say that customers don’t want to read Online Business Reviews. They absolutely do! However, they don’t want to read them on your site. If you don’t believe me, check out your google analytics. You will inevitably see that the only traffic your testimonials page gets if from you!  These days, people are searching for honest and genuine Online Business Reviews on third-party sites because they cannot be manipulated. So, what can you put in place of a testimonials page to ensure that customers are aware of your excellent products and/or services? Below we will discuss some alternatives to a traditional testimonials page as well as some ideas you can implement to spread the word about positive customer experiences.

Link To Third Party Sources for Online Business Reviews

Customers will definitely not be passing through your testimonials page. Because of this, you need to provide a link to third party websites where customers can read the Online Business Reviews they’re looking for. Make sure to put the links in places that are easy to spot. The header or sidebar are great places. You want to make sure that they links are attention grabbing and impossible to miss. Also Include some messaging that allows users know that you’d like them to read what past customers have said, just like you’d include on a traditional testimonial page.

Google My Business and Yelp Online Business Reviews

The main third party review website that you want to focus on is Google. You should encourage your clients to leave reviews on your google business page. These reviews are very powerful, and they will show up in Google search results before people even get to your website. When you link directly to your Google my Business page, always ensure to include target=”_blank” so that the links will open in a new browser tab. This will ensure that people stay on your website even after checking out your google reviews.

It is great to use Yelp, however it’s not a great idea to link to your Yelp account directly from your website. This is discouraged by Yelp and doing it could penalize your rankings. Instead, perform a Google search for “[your website/business name] Yelp”. Next, copy the resulting URL that is in your browser. Then link your website to the search engine results page link so visitors will click the link and see your Yelp listing as #1 in Google. This causes Yelp to identify the visit as coming from a Google search instead of a direct link from your website.

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