Top Local SEO Google RankingIn today’s internet driven society, every business owner seems to be asking the same question: How do I achieve top local SEO Google ranking so consumers see my website at the top of local search results?  It can be very disappointing to see a competitor rank higher than you when their business isn’t even in the same town as yours!  Local Search engine optimization involves a wide-range of practices required to move a website up to a more prominent position in the main search engines (Google, Bing and Yahoo).  It is no easy task, and there is a lot of misinformation floating around out there on the web.  Today, we will cut through all the crap and highlight three of the best things you can do to get your website right at the top of local search results.  Let’s get down to it:

Optimize your Website for Local SEO.  As of 2014, almost 60% of mobile searchers looking for a local business visited its website.  If a purchase was made, the customer visited the website up to seven times before making the purchase.  Your website is your business card to the world and it should be your number 1 priority to ensure that it is easy to look at and navigate.  You also need to have all your business information in a place that is easy to find.  If you want to ensure that your website is properly optimized, we highly recommend that you hire an SEO expert to give you an advantage right out of the gate.

Boost your local SEO with Google My Business.  Once your small business website is up and running smoothly, the next step is to create and optimize a Google My Business listing.  Google My Business is a way for local businesses to ensure that people can easily find you (and the correct info about you) on Google Search, Maps, and Google+.  It allows you to specify information to display in google search results.  You can even add videos and photos.  As you can imagine, since this is all owned by Google, setting up a Google My Business account is vital to your local SEO results.

Build Citations to Boost Your Local SEO Presence.  Citations are one of the most important aspects of boosting your local SEO.  Citations are essentially online references to your business and are vital to increasing your local SEO.    They are very similar to incoming links in organic SEO.  They can include anything from just the name of your business to all your business information (name, address and phone number and url)

These three aspects of local SEO will put you on another level compared to your competition.

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