If you’ve been paying attention to the buzz in the buzz within the world of NJ SEO, then you’ve undoubtedly heard that Google has recently announced the implementation of mobile first indexing. This is HUGE news and represents a major technological milestone as it pertains to search engines and mobile devices. So, what exactly does this mean in regard to SEO? Essentially, mobile-first means that Google’s spider bots will crawl, index, and rank mobile friendly websites before all others. Not surprisingly, the implementation of Google’s game changing mobile first indexing has caused many companies to become concerned about their own rankings.  These major changes have not yet affected the current site rankings, however, the changes are coming very soon! Today, we will be discussing how these changes will affect you, what it means for the future of your business and some web design solutions you can implement on your own.

Mobile First Indexing | Why the Switch to Mobile First?

Google has one simple mission: to be the very best by outperforming all other search engines. Because of this fact, Google must aim to deliver the most relevant results based on their searches. This is why we saw google start to prefer HTTPS over HTTP. During the past 3 years, the number of mobile searches per day have far surpassed the number of desktop searches. In fact, if we extrapolate the current web search analytics data, over 85% of search will be performed on mobile devices by the end of 2018. As a result, Google is starting to tailor their services to better cater to mobile search as opposed to desktop search.

Mobile First Indexing | Impact on Current Google Rankings

Google claims that mobile-first indexing will not impact any site’s overall ranking. If a competitor’s website is migrated to mobile-first indexing before yours, for example, that site will have no advantage over yours because of the migration. However, it’s important to keep in mind that Google’s ultimate goal involves delivering the best possible results to users. This means that when someone searches from a mobile device, Google will rank sites and pages that are mobile-friendly above those that are not. This means that it is in your best interest to make your website as responsive as possible – and quickly.

Mobile First Indexing | Will Your Website Be Affected?

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Though your rankings for searches originating from desktops may not change, searches originating from mobile devices are different. It is crucial for your business to focus on mobile optimization now in order to maintain your rankings for mobile searches. To find out whether your site is ready for mobile-first indexing, consider the following points:

Is your site mobile-friendly or mobile-responsive? There is a tremendous difference between the two. A mobile-friendly website may display on a user’s smartphone, but it may still have several problems when it comes to the overall user experience. A mobile-responsive website is one that syncs your pages beautifully by sending the same HTML code to computers, tablets, and smartphones, thus eliminating the need to pinch, zoom, and change screen orientation to properly view the site. Google prefers a responsive website.

Are your desktop and mobile sites separate? It seems like a good idea, and prior to 2015 when mobile searches became more common, it was. These days, though, monitoring multiple websites and reformatting content to display properly on the mobile version is a lot of work that provides little reward.

How fast is your mobile site? A 2017 report showed that most websites around the world – and in every single industry – were three times slower than Google’s recommended benchmark of three seconds. To make your site load faster on mobile devices, check the size. Google recommends a 500KB maximum page size, but most mobile pages are measured in megabytes, instead.

If you do not know if your website is ready for thee changes, contact a mobile-first SEO specialist like TJB WebMedia. TJB WebMedia knows exactly how to get your site fully responsive, fast and ready for the changes that are coming our way.

Mobile First Indexing | How to Prepare

Once you take care of the above points, there are some other things you can do to make sure that your website ranks among the top 5 Google results. If you are already familiar with the basics of SEO, then many of these things will be a review.

Consistent Content – It is important to make certain that your page and site displays the same text, imagery, and videos across all devices and that these elements are easy to crawl from mobile devices.

Optimized Metadata – To ensure quick migration and consistent rankings, it’s important to ensure that blog titles, image descriptions, and other forms of metadata have been updated on both versions of your site.

Server Capacity – Finally, Google cautions that some sites may lack the server capacity for the Googlebot to accurately crawl mobile websites. For this reason, make sure your server is prepared for the increased crawl rates.

Mobile First Indexing | Mobile Friendly SEO Company?

TJB WebMedia is a NJ SEO Agency  and web design company that specializes in mobile-friendly SEO. TJB knows exactly how to get your site 100% mobile friendly, up to speed and ranking among the top search results for relevant keywords and search terms. As one of best SEO companies in New Jersey, we work with businesses of all types to increase traffic and boost sales. Our team of experts is eager to analyze your site and develop a customized mobile friendly SEO strategy to meet your individual needs. In addition to search engine optimization, we also provide web design/development, reputation management services , Google Adwords Management and social media marketing. To get started, or for more information contact us now at: (732) 463-7835 or visit our website:

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