While many people have heard of a Google Business Profile (formerly known as Google My Business) and some might have one, most don’t utilize it to its full potential. A Google Business Profile can be a very powerful tool for improving exposure online. So what exactly is a Google Business Profile? It’s free listing that your business can create on Google. This profile is yours to customize, and you can fill it with your business’s details (like images, opening hours, website links, and contact information). The main advantage of having a GMB profile is that Google will give your business maximum exposure across its platforms from search results to Maps. Additionally by making use of the special features like Google Business Profile posts – you’ll have an improved chance of ranking high in local search results.

Google Business Profile Rankings Factors

Establishing a Google Business Profile is an effective first step to heighten your visibility in the search results. That said, it’s equally important to comprehend what factors impact your rank in the SERPs. Google has noted that their ranking of search results is based on three main components: relevance, distance, and prominence. Google takes the combination of all these elements into account to give searchers results that best fit their search terms. That being said, even if a business is more distant from the user’s physical location, it might still appear higher on the search list due to its greater chance of providing important items and services.

Below we will briefly go over these factors:

  • Relevance is all about how well a Google Business Profile fits what searching is looking for. If you provide ample details about your business when constructing a profile, Google will be better able to determine how pertinent your company is in regards to local search queries. It’s simple: the more information supplied, the easier it is for Google to recognize relevancy!
  • Distance is about measuring how physically far it is between your business and the location someone is searching.
  • Prominence is about how popular and renown a business is. It could be a place that’s popular offline, or it could be based on online information, such as your Google review count.

As a business owner, it is very beneficial to understand how Google works and the elements that make up your search engine ranking. By doing so, you can maximize visibility for your local businesses’ listing as well as Google Business Profile posts.

Benefits of Google Business Profile

Creating a Google Business Profile can be a critically beneficial step for small businesses, so let’s discuss four of the primary advantages it offers. Possessing an online presence is vital to business success and GMB features provide invaluable assistance in this endeavor.

Gather and share customer reviews at scale

Leverage reviews from your satisfied customers to build trust and credibility with potential buyers by creating a Google Business Profile. You’ll get an easily shareable link, allowing you to quickly acquire customer testimonials which will be displayed on your GMB profile. As we all know, the more positive feedback you receive, the higher up in search engine results pages (SERPs) your site appears–making this strategy vital for success when optimizing your business page!

Boosts your local SEO ranking

By claiming and updating your business information through a Google Business Profile, you can make a positive impact on your local SEO. The more in-depth and up-to-date your business information is, the easier it is for Google to categorize and rank your business properly. So, be sure to verify your locations, keep your hours accurate and add products and photos; Google can pull its weight and help you score the best local SEO ranking possible.

A free, easy way to boost in-store visits

With a Google Business Profile, you can make it simple for local customers to discover and visit your physical shopfronts. With accurate business hours and easy directions to your business location through Google Maps, a customer can go from brand discovery to conversion in just one tap. And the best part is a Google Business Profile is free to set up and manage, making it a cost-effective channel to take advantage of as part of your broader SEO strategy.

Looking for an SEO Professional to Help With Your Google Business Profile?

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