Have you been having trouble staying competitive with your website’s SEO rankings? SEO is constantly evolving, so maintaining your high rankings will require some knowledge of the SEO space and how things are changing. With each update to Google’s algorithm, whether it’s major or minor, your SEO strategy will have to be altered accordingly. Let’s take a look at the SEO changes that will matter this year.

Things to Consider With SEO

Voice Search:

When voice-driven services first debuted, they were unreliable and unusable. However, voice technology has advanced by leaps and bounds in the last two years. With Google Assistant and Alexa at the forefront of development in this area, it’s no surprise that voice technology is leading the way. It’s clear that Google will continue to develop in this area, with over 50% of queries being handled via voice search. As a result, optimizing your website for voice search should be at the top of your priorities list.

To accomplish this, make the information on your website scannable. Make sure you use conversational language in your text so that Google may match it to users’ queries. Make your content richer by including long-tail keywords and learning how people utilize voice search. Investigate some of the questions that people ask while looking for information and modify your replies to these inquiries.


You’ve probably heard that Google places a lot of importance on mobile-first indexing. However, in the first quarter of 2021, Google took it one step further. Many websites now have two versions: a desktop and a mobile version as a result of their optimization efforts. Until recently, Google has prioritized ranking the desktop version first. Today, Google prioritizes mobile-indexing.

In order to provide a good user experience, it’s critical that your website be mobile-friendly. Furthermore, ensuring your website is mobile-friendly improves its rankings since Google considers mobile the most popular format.

3. Expertise, Authority, & Trust (E-A-T):

In its effort to give the most valuable information to its users, Google focuses on Expertise – Authority – Trust, also known as E-A-T, in order to make that happen. In 2021, Google began prioritizing authoritative and expert material over irrelevant information because it inspires less confidence in customers.

This doesn’t imply you need to get a Ph.D. in your field. It simply implies that you should provide well-researched information in such a manner that people can trust it. Offer practical advice and include as much evidence of your assertions as possible with relevant data and statistics.

Longer Content:

When it comes to SEO modifications, one must not forget content length. The optimum length of a piece of writing has long been a point of debate among search engine optimization specialists. For years it was thought that articles with a length of 300 words were adequate for targeting an individual keyword. Now, 1500-word articles hold much more weight from an SEO standpoint.

Google has entered a new era in which customer satisfaction takes precedence over all else. So long as you can address people’s pain points, long-form content is the way to go. Try to educate your visitors without any unnecessary fluff, rather than focusing too much on the word count.

Utilizing Video Content:

The typical smartphone user in the United States has ten video streaming applications on their device. Short-form videos, as opposed to long endeavors, attract a lot more attention. TikTok and Instagram Reels are decent indicators of what works with video on platforms like that.

Optimizing Images

Images were once seen as a sort of bonus material. Images are now playing an increasingly crucial role in assessing your website’s performance. Your pieces will benefit from well-optimized high-resolution photographs with alt tags and descriptions, as they will provide them a much-needed boost. Furthermore, taking pictures with your own camera instead of depending on stock images that you may stumble upon elsewhere is a smart habit to get into.

Data and Analytics:

Google announced the move to Google Analytics 4 in 2021. Prepare for changes as Google switches to data tracking without cookies. Achieving top rankings in the SERPs for your keywords depends on your ability to understand data. So track your analytics closely and draw useful conclusions from how your users navigate your site.

Semantically-Related Keywords

The Google Bert upgrade was established in October 2019. Since then, the search engine’s algorithm has continued to examine website content semantically. In 2021, Google intended to give its users material that was as close to what they could get by speaking with a real person offline.

Local Search

Google already views local search listings as a priority. With zero-click searches the new normal, Google will be looking to give answers to its users in the SERPs. Accounting for this paradigm shift is critical to your company’s survival. Your website may soon become virtually unreadable in search engines if you fail to adapt.

Predictive Search:

In 2022, predictive search will include app usage, surfing history, and calendars in its function. The service will also take into account users’ homes and workplaces to provide them with relevant material dependent on their location. Using these criteria while developing your content might help you gain access to additional micro-segments in your market.

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