Are you considering investing in eBay listing optimization services to increase sales and generate more revenue? There’s a reason that millions of people and businesses are selling products on eBay. As of December 2016, eBay had 167 million active users, and that number continues to grow each day. Unfortunately most eBay sellers struggle to sell products and make money because of the fierce competition. In order to stand out amongst the large number of competitors, you must effectively and efficiently differentiate your business from the rest and make conversions.  TJB WebMedia specializes in developing custom eBay listing SEO strategies to businesses stand out from the competition, convert more customers, and grow a successful business. Our team is passionate about taking eBay sellers to heights they never thought were possible!  In addition to investing in eBay listing optimization services,  there are some other steps you can take as an eBay seller to boost sales:

eBay Listing Optimization Services | eBay SEO Tactics

Many eBay sellers are losing out on hundreds or even thousands of dollars simply because they are not optimizing their listings correctly. Think of your eBay store as a brick and mortar store.  You wouldn’t want to eat at a restaurant that had a filthy exterior or shop at a store that promised computers, but only sold musical instruments. In the same way, potential customers won’t buy from you if you don’t target your demographic in a clear and concise way. The design of your eBay store is as important as the your business website design. Here are some basic things you can implement to improve conversion rates:

  • Provide thorough clarity regarding the product you are selling
  • Always create a detailed product description
  • Make the price of item very clear in the product description
  • Provide shipping information
  • Accepted many forms of payment
  • Have a money back guarantee

Additionally, you can create a custom eBay shop appearance to include a business logo, newsletter subscriptions and more!

eBay SEO Tactics | Picture Perfect!

Simple taking high quality photos of your products can make a world of difference to your customers. In Visual appeal is very important especially since your buyers can’t physically walk into your store and examine the product up close. Professional-grade photography is easy to accomplish and should be one of your a priorities each time you make a new listing. Here are some ways to spice up your photography:

  • Use a plain colored backdrop (white is best) and make sure the product is the primary focus
  • Make sure the room is sufficiently lit and avoid using the camera flash
  • Set up a tripod and take a series of photos from the same exact position
  • Take pictures of every angle of the product. Be sure to show all angles, details, and blemishes
  • Enable the zoom feature so customers can get a close look at your products.

It is also a great idea to use large, high resolution images to allow people to get a very detailed look at the product. The greater the pixel size, the better it is.

eBay Optimization | Trust Indicators and Testimonials

It is a great idea to use social proof to make people feel like they need to buy because many others are buying from you.  This will make people feel confidant that buying from you is a good decision. Here are some things to add to your product listings:

  • Post positive customer testimonials
  • Add photo screenshots of reviews
  • Photos of you interacting with satisfied customers
  • Let people know how many products you’ve sold
  • Any photo, image badge or graphic that will cause potential customers to trust you as a seller

You can also build trust by offering a money-back guarantee and detailed return policies. The goal is to let your buyers know they are buying from actual human beings who cares about their satisfaction.

eBay Listing Optimization Services | Boost Visibility on eBay

TJB WebMedia specializes in eBay listing optimization services. We work with businesses to boost sales and increase revenue. Our team of experts is eager to analyze your eBay store a develop a customized strategy to meet your individual needs. In addition to search engine optimization, we also provide web design/development, reputation management services, Amazon products optimization, social media marketing. To get started, or for more information contact us now at: (732) 463-7835 or visit our website:

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