One of the most effective ways to advertise digitally is through pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. If it is strategically launched, a PPC campaign can help you reach qualified leads and generate revenue quickly. But does PPC advertising have an effect your SEO? The answer to that isn’t exactly straightforward because while, PPC doesn’t directly impact SEO, it does indirectly affect it. Using both PPC and SEO strategies together can lead to various positive outcomes that may not be immediately apparent. To achieve the best results with your marketing plan, it’s recommended to utilize these two techniques simultaneously. So, how exactly does PPC impact SEO? Read on to find out.

How PPC Advertising Affects SEO

Using PPC ads enables you to utilize the most available space in search results.

PPC ads are displayed at the top of the search results, meaning that they are the first ads people see when they search. PPC ads combined with SEO can expand your business’s visibility on search engine results pages (SERPs). Even if someone ignores the ads and looks only at the organic search results, they can still find your business’s listing there, generating dual exposure for your brand. In the end, this increases the likelihood of individuals clicking on one of your listings and visiting your company’s website for further information.

When your business is featured multiple times in search results through double exposure, it creates a positive perception in the minds of your audience. They are more likely to believe that your business provides reliable products and services. Combining PPC and SEO can increase the traffic to your site and promote better engagement with your business.

NJ PPC SEO ServicesUsing PPC can aid in finding valuable organic SEO keywords.

To appear in search results that are more relevant, targeting the appropriate keywords is important for your PPC and SEO strategies. However, it may be challenging to determine how effective your keyword targeting is at the outset since SEO takes time to display results That said, PPC can provide instant feedback on the effectiveness of different keywords in driving traffic. This information can be used to optimize SEO targeting and achieve better results.

Utilizing PPC keyword data in your SEO campaigns allows for a greater understanding of your customers’ desires and the specific keywords they utilize. This eliminates the need to wait and gauge the effectiveness of SEO optimizations, as PPC data can provide immediate insights and allow for any necessary adjustments to be made within your SEO campaigns.

PPC advertising increases brand recognition, encouraging click on organic search results.

PPC ads can increase traffic to your website. Once a user clicks on the ad, they will be directed to your landing page where they can learn more about your business. However, sometimes users may leave the page without taking any action. While it may be disheartening, PPC ads can increase brand awareness among potential customers. This means that in the future when they search for similar products or services, they are more likely to remember your business and click on your organic search results instead of your competitors’.

When leads become more acquainted with your business, they tend to engage and click on your organic content more often. This results in an increase in site traffic that ultimately leads to more conversions for your business. PPC ads can increase brand recognition which may result in more organic search traffic later on.

PPC helps you reach more local customers

In order to effectively market your business, it’s important to target local customers. This can be achieved by using pay-per-click (PPC) ads in local searches, as many people use this method to find businesses that offer the products or services they’re looking for. By implementing these ads, you can increase the number of local leads coming to your website.

Your PPC ad will be the first thing users see when they search for local businesses. Since most of these searches happen on mobile devices, the PPC ad takes up most of the screen space. After the PPC ad, users will see the Google Business Profile listings. When you place a PPC ad, it quickly catches the attention of potential customers. They may click on it or ignore it and scroll down to find your Google Business Profile listing. If they still skip over it, they may come across your website in the organic listings.

This strategy generates a triple exposure of your business, which repeatedly showcases it to potential customers. Consequently, it creates a perception in their minds that your local business is the most suitable option for their needs. As a result, more people will be motivated to explore your website, eventually enhancing your organic ranking.

Need Professional Help with Your PPC Advertising Campaign?

Pay Per Click advertising has become a significant part of an effective SEO strategy, and should be given proper attention. TJB WebMedia is one of the top ranked SEO company in New Jersey. We understand that voice search SEO plays a vital role in growing your small business. That’s why we focus on developing customized campaigns either on their own or as part of a comprehensive SEO strategy. We specialize in creating SEO optimized posts for any type of organization. The bottom line is whatever your need, we have the talent and staff to make it happen. We also specialize in comprehensive NJ SEO and NJ web design.

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