In the last year or so, artificial intelligence (AI), has been revolutionizing how SEO can be done. In fact, more than 80% of marketers who have utilized is were able to bring about rapid and positive changes. Many businesses are now considering AI an essential component for various strategies, such as search engine optimization (SEO) and content marketing. How do you incorporate AI into your SEO content strategy? Although it might seem complex, using AI for SEO is easy because it primarily depends on the AI application you choose. That’s why your business can implement AI for SEO in just five steps:

AI for SEO | Steps for Using AI to Enhance SEO

1. Find the Right AI Software for SEO:

To move forward with your SEO strategy, you must select the right AI-powered application. Note that although there are different types of AI tools available for SEO, only a select few are specifically designed for content optimization. A quality application can help evaluate the search engine optimization (SEO) of both content topics and existing pages. It provides specific recommendations based on data to improve keyword targeting and SEO. Additionally, it has features to predict how well new or reoptimized content will perform. When choosing an AI application, be sure to research your options and the associated costs.

To ensure your content doesn’t end up on the second page of search results (which only 25% of people visit), it’s important to be selective when choosing an application. Look for a reliable and proven platform that consistently delivers results, rather than just settling for the first one you come across. This will help you avoid unhelpful recommendations that could hurt your online visibility.

2. Select Topics for Content:

Once you have selected an AI application, you can begin implementing AI for SEO purposes. AI is usually utilized for generating new content, but it can also be used to re-optimize existing content. To create new content, begin by researching relevant topics or keywords related to your industry, business, products, or services. Writing about lawn care tips won’t be helpful if you offer cooking classes. Once you have a list of keywords or topics, you can use AI to enhance and optimize your SEO content.

AI SEO Strategy3. Get your topics analyzed:

The process of submitting keywords or topics for AI applications varies depending on the specific application. Typically, the software will provide instructions or a walkthrough for submitting them. Some providers may also handle the submission process and provide the results to your team. Keep in mind that the instructions provided by the AI platform may differ depending on the provider. To ensure effective use of the data by your team, it is essential to comprehend all the information included. If you are unsure about the meaning of terms such as “semantic analysis,” please ask for clarification. By doing so, you will be able to properly use the data.

4. Look Over Your AI-Generated SEO Data:

Next, review the SEO data generated by the AI. It’s recommended that the marketing and SEO team in charge of your efforts examine the report. This will ensure that any errors, questions or concerns can be addressed. After receiving the recommendations, you can share them with your content writers. Your approach may vary depending on your business. If your content writers come from different departments, you might consider reviewing the report together. To make sure that your new content meets brand guidelines and SEO standards, it’s important to incorporate SEO basics such as keywords and avoiding keyword stuffing. If you’re using a third-party writing service, make sure they adhere to your guidelines.

5. Create the Content:

Your business can create AI-powered SEO content by working with your writing team. Ensure that the content aligns with your team or agency’s writing style regardless of the type of content. It’s recommended that your company proofreads all content before publishing. While it may be tempting to write and publish quickly, this can result in obvious typos or grammar errors being shared with your audience. To avoid this, take the time to proofread and edit all content, including sales copy and blog posts. After that, just publish that content and watch your site rise among the ranks!

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