Does you use WordPress for small business websites?  WordPress is the perfect CMS for any small business website design.  Not only is it packed full of easy to use features and plugins making your website extraordinarily easy to update and maintain, but it is also specially designed to help get your website seen by the search engines such as Yahoo! and Google.  Our NJ WordPress web design agency uses WordPress exclusively because it is  hands down the best CMS.  Here are four reasons why your small business website should run from WordPress.

WordPress Is Great For Small Business SEO

WordPress can give you a big head start when it comes to small business SEO.  Obviously, SEO takes lots of time and effort and there is no magic SEO button that will automatically rank your site number one on Google.  However, WordPress automatically makes it easier for search engines to find and rank your site.  Not only are there free SEO plugins available for WordPress, but it’s user friendly control panel makes it easy to do SEO without knowing html or other coding.  Also, since it is set up as a blog, every time you make a new post, it adds more content that search engines will find and give your site a better ranking.  This brings us to our second reason to use word press: content.

WordPress Makes It Easy to Create Content

Since WordPress is a blog, you can update your site very often with new posts.  You should add a new post on a regular basis to build up your website.  The more content you have, the higher search engines will rank you.  This is because when search engines look  and they see that you have lots of content, they will give take your website much more seriously than one with very little content.  Content is king.  The more posts your website has, the better it will do, and WordPress makes making content easier than tying your shoes!

WordPress for Small Business CMS

WordPress makes everything that you could possibly want to do on your small business website easy to do.  For example, you can use easily change the layout of your site, add videos, images, polls ect…  Using WordPress makes maintaining and updating all features a cinch!

WordPress Has Great Support

WordPress has great support.  Not only can the WordPress developers help you with anything that you need, but there are numerous online forums that will tell you step by step how to do virtually anything that you can imagine.  Whether it’s troubleshooting, or trying to add a certain plugin, help is right there with a simple click of a mouse.  Of all the CMS out there, there is more info to be found on WordPress then any other CMS.

WordPress is an absolute must if you are going to build a small business website.  If you already have a small business website that does not run off WordPress, then we highly recommend that you switch over.  The benefits that you will get from using WordPress are well worth the switch, and the user-friendly control panel will make updating and maintaining your small business website so easy that you will have much more time to focus on other aspects of your small business!

If you are looking a custom WordPress design, or a cool logo  for your small business website, Our NJ web design company can help.

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