This year, AI-generated content is becoming a popular option for businesses who are looking to leverage more tools to increase content output and improve SEO. The for artificial intelligence retrieves pre-existing data from search engines and uses it to generate original content based on various keywords, phrases, or topics people search for. In today’s session, we’ll discuss ChatGPT, a well-known AI tool that can be optimized to enhance your marketing efforts. However, before utilizing the software, it’s important to consider its advantages and disadvantages.

AI-Generated Content for SEO: Advantages and Disadvantages

The Advantages of AI-Generated Content:

Pump Out Content Fast:

AI can create content much faster than humans, and the quality is not compromised. Even if the subject is complex, the results are almost immediate and can take less than a minute compared to human writers who may take hours to produce similar blog posts or marketing materials.

Very Affordable:

Using AI to create content is much more cost-effective than hiring a full-time writer or freelancer. Professional writers can charge hundreds of dollars for articles that require specialized knowledge, and their yearly salaries can cost thousands of dollars. In contrast, an annual subscription to an AI service typically costs less than $100. For small businesses or startups in particular, AI-generated content can be a cost-effective starting point, while work done by an individual is a valuable investment for those seeking high-quality, thoroughly researched content.

Improved SEO:

The AI software’s ability to improve your website’s SEO is a major selling point. It achieves this by using popular and SEO-optimized content to address your desired topic, which is especially valuable if you lack knowledge about how to write for certain keywords or structure your page.

You Won’t Run Out of Ideas:

It can be very stressful to come up with new ideas, and this can be even tougher when there’s a deadline. However, with the help of AI-generated content, you can avoid burnout and falling behind schedule. This technology can create multiple ideas for you to choose from for your project. Using AI to generate content ideas, even if not writing the entire article, can be helpful in overcoming the biggest hurdle many writers face: starting. With AI’s assistance, beginning the writing process becomes much easier, making the task more manageable.

 SEO AI-Generated ContentDisadvantages of AI-Generated Content:

Risk of Plagiarism:

AI uses information from various sources, but there are no citations provided. This poses a legal risk as the original creator may sue for plagiarism if their work is copied too closely. To help prevent plagiarizing, you can reverse image search and fact-check your AI-generated content. Don’t trust all the information you receive as it may be coming from an unaccredited source.

Might Be Penalized by Google:

Google has announced a new content update that focuses on E-E-A-T, which stands for experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. This update aims to improve the quality of Google’s search results. Due to the emergence of AI writing tools, search engines will assess content based on its understanding and level of “trustworthiness.” If AI-generated content is not modified, it may not meet these standards. You can still use AI in your content creation process, just be smart about it. AI can aid your creativity by performing tasks like checking grammar, generating content ideas, or creating short-form content.

Content Quality can be Inconsistent:

If you use AI-generated content, the quality may vary each time depending on the amount of available information on a specific topic. This means that you may not get consistent informative content for all the subjects you’re interested in. Including more specific details in your AI content search queries can reduce the likelihood of encountering issues. For instance, if you want the results to match a specific visual style or reading level, include that information in your search to increase the chances of getting a more uniform result.

Must be Proofread by a Human:

It is not a good idea to upload AI-generated content without reviewing and editing it first. AI technology may not recognize disorganized, incorrect, or inappropriate content that humans can identify due to their higher level of consciousness. To make the most out of AI-generated content, treat it as a starting point for inspiration instead of the final output. Take the suggestions provided by the AI and modify them to add your own unique touch, as this is what Google values in content.

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