Did you know that including and optimizing video content (also known as video content marketing) is a great way to improve your website’s SEO and CRO? While things like title tags, meta descriptions, headers, and written material on a page are certainly significant, video content is also essential for SEO. Video content marketing, can be a lot more complicated, but is, in many ways, similar to traditional text-based writing. It’s also critical to CRO, which is the process of improving the effectiveness of a website’s conversion rate. Conversion rate optimization (CRO) services work in tandem with SEO to generate traffic to a website and then encourage visitors to take the required action — called a conversion. So what does video have to offer for SEO? And how can it benefit CRO?

What Exactly is Video Content Marketing?

Video content marketing is all about how you can incorporate video into every stage and channel of your marketing plan, in addition to other types of media like blog articles and podcasts. Its aim is to create useful, entertaining, and engaging videos that entice your audience to interact with you further. It’s also about having a plan and putting it together, rather than making films with a random scatter-gun approach. It’s all about organizing how video might contribute to your content strategy at each stage in order to provide your audience exactly what they want as strangers, leads, opportunities, and customers.

How Video Content Marketing Can Help SEO

Before addressing the issue “how does video aid SEO,” it’s important to grasp what Google searches for when crawling websites and what factors into their rankings on the SERP (search engine results page). When Google’s algorithms judge the quality of a website’s content and how relevant that material is to the user’s original search, they give importance to both.

Because of this, search engine optimization services generally include optimizing current content on a page by adding relevant keywords, ensuring that content is grammatically correct and reads well, and eliminating duplicate material. It’s a widely held belief that Google only examines the text on a website; in fact, it looks for various media types like photos and videos to see what a site has to offer so the SERP can be more relevant to consumers.

In Google’s view, high-quality written content is excellent, but high-quality content with graphics and videos is even better. Sites with a mix of good text and images are diverse and informative, which helps to improve SEO performance. As a result, it’s clear that quality video content marketing and SEO have the same kind of connection as written content and SEO do.

It’s not just about the content’s relevance and quality; Google also considers how long consumers spend on a page after they come. Thousands of people may visit a webpage every day, but if they stay for only a few seconds, Google won’t rank it highly in the SERPs. It also makes sense that a website does not contain high-quality material.

Users usually read only 20% of a page and scan it rather than reading it thoroughly. This means that multimedia such as video can keep people on a site longer, giving an additional boost to SEO efforts. As you can see, there are several methods in which video may assist enhance SEO.

How Optimizing Video Content Helps With CRO

People tend to spend more time on websites with more relevant material to engage with. Users will stay on a site longer if there is more relevant content to engage with. The longer someone is actively reading a webpage, the more likely they are to convert. Video will not only aid in the growth of traffic for a website, but it will also assist users in staying on the page by providing them additional material to interact with. Even a video at the foot of a website’s landing page can improve conversion rates by as much as much as 80%!

Video content also aids CRO since customers are more inclined to buy a product after seeing a video about it. This is due to the fact that people retain information much better when watched in a video rather than read. Because the human brain is hardwired for visual content and processes it 60,000 times faster than text, if you have something crucial to say about your product or service, expressing it in a video will get your message across to customers far more quickly and effectively than writing.

If you need more convincing, more than half of consumers say they want to see more video content from their favorite brands, and video is by far the most effective form of content in terms of attracting people’s time and attention.

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